Haitian Creole Translation Services

Haitian Creole, also called Creole for short, is spoken by about 12 million people in Haiti. There are about 2-3 million other people on some other islands who speak the language as well. Haitian Creole is one of the official languages of Haiti. French is the other official language. Creole is based on a language that is a mix of mother tongues and then passed on to generations. Most creole languages are easily translatable between them. The exact creation of Haitian Creole is unknown.

Haitian Creole Translation Services

We offer professional Haitian Creole translation services to suit your needs. Our skilled translators will assist with medical, financial, legal, scholarly, and many other fields. Any document can be translated into Haitian Creole by our professional staff. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, books, essays, and certificates will be translated accurately and efficiently.

About the Language:

Haitian Creole has a strict system where the spelling is followed by strict pronunciation. The word is spelled exactly how it is sounded out except for a few instances. Haitian grammar is not closely related to French at all. There are many different grammatical differences and Haitian Creole has a complex system. There are six different pronouns and there is no difference in direct and indirect pronouns. Plural nouns are marked with an extra two letters.

Interesting Fact:

In the Haitian Creole language there are no silent letters.

Main Industries:

  • Textiles
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Cement
  • Imported parts
  • Assembly

Language Facts:

  • Over 9 million speakers
  • Official language in Haiti
  • Recognized since 1961 as an official language in Haiti
  • Newspapers, radios, and television shows are aired and printed in Haitian Creole.

Haitian Creole Translation and Interpretation Services In:
Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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