Professional Inuit Translation Services

Inuit is spoken in the Artic in North America. It can also be found in some other areas such as Labrador. There are three countries that the Inuit people primarily live in; Canada, Greenland, and the United States. There is not a sure number on how many speakers there are but estimates recognize about 100,000 speakers throughout all three area. Greenland has the biggest speaking population at 50,000. This language is considered an Eskimo language.

Professional Inuit Translation Services

Inuit is similar to the Yupik languages and the language dates back to 1300. Nothing was known about this language for the longest time. There are several different dialects to the language that break down based on which region the language is specific to.

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About the Inuit Language:

The consonant system in the Inuit language may seem difficult at first because it consists of 5 different places for articulation and it also has two sounds. There are typically only 3 vowels in the Inuit language. There is a very rich morphological system that is in place and different sections are added to root words and other ways to manipulate words. There is no uniform way to write the language at this time.

Interesting Fact:

The Inuit people have legal names such as everyone else, however at home they use native names for themselves.

Main Industries:

  • Tourism
  • Minerals
  • Oil

Language Facts:

  • Only about 100,000 speakers total
  • Is an Eskimo language
  • Is predominately related to the Artic areas

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