Kannada Translation Services

Kannada, also referred to as Kanarese, is spoken primarily in India. It is the language specifically to the area of Karnataka. This language is one of the forty most popular spoken languages in the world. Kannada is a southern Dravidian language and has evolved throughout time.

Kannada Translation Services

This language dates back all the way to 450 AD. Old examples of the written form of Kannada are stone inscriptions. Over 30,000 inscriptions have been found. The spoken and written forms of this language vary quite a bit and they also vary between the regions.

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About the Kannada Language:

The Kannada language uses 49 phonemic letters. These letters are divded into three different groups for classification. There is a similarity of this language to the Indian languages. The sentence structure is written in a subject-object-verb order. There are three genders in this language as well. There is a specific book on the grammar of the Kannada language.

Interesting Fact:

In 2006, the Director of the Central Institute of Indian Languages tried to persuade the Indian government to make Kannada the traditional language.

Main Industries:

  • Tourism
  • Agriculture
  • Financial
  • Food Processing
  • Energy

Kannada Language Facts:

  • 38 million native speakers
  • Member of the Dravidian family
  • Official language in Karnataka
  • Native language in India and a few other places

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