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As the official language in Mongolia, Mongolian has millions of native speakers. It's considered an obscure language with few translators that can handle tough technical documents. We have the Subject Matter Experts on our team who are experts in Mongolian. Accurate and timely translation is important. Let us help.

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Mongolian Technical Translation Services
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  • 7000+ technical translators
  • Stringent quality control standards
  • Whether you need help with your mining, construction or marketing, instructional or technical material we can provide expert Mongolian translation service for your firm.

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    About the Mongolian Language:

    As the name suggests, Mongolian is the official language of the Mongolia, a country that shares borders with Russia and China. Mongolian, which is part of the Mongolic language family, is also spoken in some parts of China. The subject-object-predicate word order is pretty much standard, but noun phrases ordering is by no means rigid. Mongolian has been written in various alphabets such as the Mongolian script, which comes from the Uyghur script. The Latin script and the Mongolian Cyrillic script are the two other alphabet systems used. Mongolian dialects include Shilin gol, Khalkha, Ordos Mongolian, Chakhar, Darkhad, Khorchin, Baarin and Kharchin.

    Interesting Fact:

    Mongolian is an official language in the Inner Mongolia area in China.

    Main Mongolian Industries:

    • Mining
    • Agriculture
    • Crude oil
    • Apparel
    • Livestock

    Language Facts:

    • Native to: Mongolia and China
    • Language family: Mongolic
    • Writing system: Mongolian Cyrillic alphabet, Latin script and Mongolian script
    • Native speakers: 5.7 million

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    English to Mongolian Technical Translation

    Mongolian Technical Translation and Interpretation Services In:
    Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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