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Nepali Translation Services

A part of the Indo-European language family, Nepali is spoken in Nepal amongst other places in the region. If you need Nepali translation services, why not trust your project to the experts. We have professionals on our staff who will take on your project and get it done right.

Nepali Translation Services

When it comes to finding the right Nepali translator, you need to consider things such as years of experience, attention to care and ability to capture all of the nuances of the language. We can meet those objectives on all counts. And our translators will keep you in the loop as they provide Nepali translation services on time and on budget.

Whether you need assistance with book reports, essays, manuscripts, business correspondence or anything else, why not get in touch by email or phone for a free consultation. That way we can discuss your project and customize a service option that will meet your translation needs. Regardless of the language in question, clear and accurate content is important. We realize this and will get the job done right.

About the Nepali Language:

Nepali, the official language in Nepal, is also spoken in nations such as Bhutan and India. In India, for instance, Nepali is one of the nation's 23 official languages. The Devanagari script is used to convey written Nepali. However, Nepali was in the past written primarily in Takri script and Ranjana script. The Nepali language is regulated by the Language Academy of Nepal. Eastern western and central are the three primary Nepali dialects that are spoken. And the language possesses 11 vowels that are phonologically distinct and 27 consonants.

Interesting Fact:

Napali was originally called Khaskura.

Main Industries:

  • Sugar
  • Chemicals
  • Cement
  • Bricks
  • Carpet

Nepali Language Facts:

  • Native to: Nepal, Bhutan and India
  • Language family: Indo-European
  • Number of native speakers: 17 million

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