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Pahari-Potwari Translation Services

Pahari-Potwari, a language primarily spoken in Pakistan, has only a few tens of thousands of native speakers. But that certainly doesn't mean that Pahari-Potwari translations services aren't necessary. To the contrary, there are many who require such services, and we've got you covered if you require assistance in this language.

Our extensive network of expert translators includes professional who are native Pahari-Potwari speakers. They know the language's nuances and will be able to get your project done on time and on budget. If you want accurate Pahari-Potwari services that reflect a deep understanding of the language, look no further. Let us use our years' worth of experience to get your projects done correctly.

Pahari-Potwari Translation Services

Whether you need Pahari-Potwari translation services for book reports, computer software manuals, manuscripts, screenplays, contracts, post-graduate essays, resumes, business correspondence, website content or anything else, we can help you move your projects forward.

For a free consultation, give us or call or send us an email. We'll listen to what you need, suggest a range of service options and then respond to all your questions. When it comes to translation services you can trust, depend on the professionals. You won't be disappointed!

About the Pahari-Potwari Language:

Pahari-Potwari, an Indo-European tongue spoken primarily in Pakistan's northern region, has many similarities to Punjabi. There are some 50,000 Pahari-Potwari native speakers, and dialects include, but are not limited to, Pahari, Punchhi, Chibhali and Pothwari.

Interesting Fact:

While Pahari-Potwari is primarily spoken in Pakistan, the language is not one of the two official languages spoken in the country. The two official languages happen to be Urdu and English.

Main Industries:

  • Textiles
  • Food processing
  • Apparel
  • Seafood
  • Construction materials
  • Paper products
  • Pharmaceuticals

Pahari-Potwari Language Facts:

  • Language native to: Pakistan
  • Native speakers: 50,000
  • Language family: Indo-European

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