Technical Pashtu Translation Services

We provide translation services for Pashtu, a language that has tens of million of native speakers. Our network of skilled translators, who understand the language inside out, will be able to provide accurate translations that demonstrate a solid grasp of the tongue's nuances. So if you're looking for things to be done right the first time, look no further.

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Technical Pashtu Translation Services

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About the Language:

Pashtu, an Indo-European language native to Afghanistan and Pakistan, happens to be the mother tongue of the Pashtun people living in South-Central Asia. There are as many as 60 million people who speak the language, which was traditionally referred to as Afghani. Pashtu and Dari are Afghanistan's two official languages. Pashtu, which is regulated by the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, has 17 dialects.

Interesting Pashtu Fact:

It was during the 16th century that Pashtu appeared in written form.

Main Industries:

  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Tourism

Pashtu Language Facts:

  • Native to: Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Native speakers: 60 million
  • Official language status: Afghanistan
  • Language family: Indo-European

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