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Canadian or Quebecois French

Technovate Translations, a leading translation firm, specializes in the language combinations that benefit businesses most. In North America, translating into and out of Quebecois French is especially important because the French language is a vital part of Canadian culture and bilingualism is officially mandated in Canada. As a result, businesses that need to do business in Canada understand the necessity of translating materials to reach Canada's French-speaking citizens, as well as the nearly two million people in the United States who speak French as their first language.

Parisian French (France)

The European French spoken in France itself is our second most popular French translation service. Corporations doing business in Europe and especially in France have specific translation needs for localization purposes. We carefully account for the variations between Parisian French and Canadian French by using French specialists in the particular dialect or region of the world where you are targeting your translation. We ensure that your translation is completed exactly to the specifications needed.

Caribbean and African French

The dialects of French spoken in the Caribbean and Africa can vary considerably, and it's vital to know which country your product is being translated to target. A highly trained translation specialist with expertise in the French dialect and/or geographic region you wish to target will translate and complete your project.

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In Canada, more than seven million people speak French as their first language, and more than 130 million worldwide speak French as their first language. In the United States, areas bordering Quebec, including northern Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, have significant French-speaking populations, with some towns having more than 75% of their residents speak French. Additionally, French is a primary language for many in Louisiana and a total of nearly two million nationwide.

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As a result, English to French translation and French to English translation services are vital for today's businesses. When selecting a company to produce powerful translations for a North American audience, it's vital that you use a company whose translators are native speakers of French and who are also masters of English. Technovate Translations uses only translators who are Francophone natives and fluent in English, which helps guarantee that the translations we produce for you will always be accurate, fluid, and culturally appropriate for the destination language. Whether you are looking to translate business documents, legal documents, medical documents, or even personal documents, Technovate Translations has the translating power to meet your every need.

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