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Technical Translation Services

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Technical Translation Services

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Technical translations can be a challenge for many because they require highly specialized knowledge of terminology in fields such as engineering, computer science, finance, and other areas. But Technovate Translations is prepared for even the most specific and technical translation needs. Our diverse team of translators has the knowledge and the skills to translate technical documents into and out of more than 150 languages. We work with translators who have experience and knowledge in areas like engineering and finance to ensure that our translators understand your needs as well as the specific idioms and terms used in your field. The result is a powerful, accurate translation that carefully adapts the original technical document into the technical terminology of its new language.

CAD Files are difficult to translate and we're proud to translate these regularly!

In order provide this service, we work with only translators who are native speakers of the language they translate into. Our translators therefore have a native speaker's understanding of technical terminology and understand how to employ technical terms to accurately convey the meaning of the original text into its new language. In many cases, this is not quite as simple as changing and English word to its equivalent in another tongue, since technical terms are frequently highly idiomatic and require a deep understanding of the underlying structure and function of the target language to correctly and completely translate in context.

We have 3000+ Technical Translators waiting to translate your document!

When you order a technical translation from Technovate Translations, you'll receive a fluid, accurate, and technically appropriate document created by a native speaker and reviewed and approved by a second translator to guarantee accuracy. Plus, we back it all up with our 24 hour customer service. Our representatives are standing by to take your order or answer your questions.

Some types of Technical Translations you may need:

  • Engineering Specifications
  • Instruction and Operating Manuals
  • Scientific and White Papers
  • Patents and Patent Applications Sheets
  • Other Technical Documentation
  • Online Technical E-Learning Modules
  • Electronic Manuals and Guides
  • Project descriptions
  • Labels
  • Quality assurance information
  • Operator manuals
  • Safety documentations
  • Training documentations
  • Installation manuals
  • Assembly instructions
  • Catalogs
  • IT specifications
  • etc…