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Calgary Legal & Patent Translation Services

Need Translations for the Following Legal Documents?

Patents Intellectual Property Deposition Documents
Contracts Class Action Certified Documents

We'll translate your patent or legal documents today. Our representative will work with you and make sure that we deliver everything exactly as you need! Call us today and get a quote on the same-day to help you make your decision.

Local Patent News

An organization called Innovate Calgary works with innovators in the city to protect their intellectual property. When a Calgary resident has a new idea, they can receive services from Innovate Calgary to help them navigate the patent application process. Dr. Hua Song recently signed a three year deal with Innovate Calgary to develop an innovative way to create biofuels, and the told the Calgary Herald that the help they provided was invaluable.

Other Legal Documents We Can Translate for You:

Contracts Licenses Wills and Trusts
Affidavit Bates numbering Brief
Court Judgment Demand Letter Lease
Letter of Intent Non-disclosure agreement Prenuptial Agreement
Real Estate Contract Shareholders Agreement Sworn Declaration

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About Calgary

Legal & Patent Translation Services in Calgary

Calgary has a population of more than 1 million people in a metropolitan area of 1.2 million, making it the third largest Canadian city. As a growing population center, Calgary attracts a large number of immigrants from within Canada and abroad. Today, almost one in four residents of the city is a visible minority, and Calgary now is home to more than 200 different ethnic groups. The citizens of Calgary enjoy the services of hundreds of lawyers working for dozens of law firms, many of which are represented by the Law Society of Alberta, an organization dedicated to regulating and governing the province’s legal professionals.

But Calgary is also a leader in the oil and gas industries, where exciting innovations are constantly taking place. Calgary is currently one of Canada’s leaders in economic growth. As these sectors continue to grow in importance, so also grows the number of patents filed from innovators in the city.

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