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Recently, the U.S.-based Internet Association released a report stating that Canada could become more competitive in the digital economy if it engaged in more patent reform. However, Canadian business was blamed for pressuring the government to hold off on reforms designed to end patent trolling. According to The Star, the government withdrew a proposal that would have put an end to ambiguous demand letters whose aim is to produce a settlement rather than address a legitimate legal claim.(source)

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The Canadian capital at Ottawa, home to more than 880,000 people, is extremely important for the future of intellectual property rights in the country. As the home of Parliament, it is the place that will decide how intellectual property rights are strengthened or altered in the years to come. As a result of the power residing in the ornate marble halls of Parliament Hill, there is no more vital place for lawyers and legal professionals looking to work in the exciting and dynamic field of intellectual property law and patent and trademark law.

In fact, the importance of intellectual property law has grown to the point that most of the city’s major law firms have dedicated divisions to managing the difficult questions of intellectual property law. Managing Intellectual Property magazine ranks law firms across Canada on IP issues, and it routinely places Ottawa law firms near the top of the list.

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