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Recently, there has been a major battle over the division of the assets of Nortel Networks, which held patents and other pieces of intellectual property. American and Canadian lawyers battled over which country had a greater claim to patents held by the Canadian firm. These assets were valued at $4.5 billion when sold off in 2009. The company was headquartered in Canada but did more of its business in the United States than anywhere else. (source)

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The city of Toronto has more than 2.6 million residents and sits within a metropolitan area of more than five million residents. It is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, where more than 150 different languages are spoken. As a hub of business, industry, entertainment, and commerce, Toronto dominates the Canadian cultural landscape. Toronto is home to the famed Seven Sisters law firms, which have dominated the Canadian legal field for decades. The term Seven Sisters has been used since at least 2001 to describe these titans of the legal industry. Overall, the city has more than 25,000 individual lawyers and law firms serving the greater Toronto area and beyond.

Industry in Toronto is constantly developing innovative solutions to problems both old and new. As a result of the exciting developments coming out of Toronto, there is a constant flow of new patent applications from businesses and individuals working within the GTA

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