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Recently, Kane Biotech of Winnipeg reported that it recently received three United States patents for a disinfectant, a wound care treatment, and an antimicrobial coating. The company hopes to use these innovations to develop its market share in the companion animal care and oral care markets. The company recently announced plans to seek additional funding to help it license its patents. According to the company, they are now in a position to work with multiple strategic partners across the animal and human health industries. (source)

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Winnipeg takes its name from the Cree words for muddy waters, but today a settlement that began as a trading post has grown into Canada’s seventh largest municipality, home to more than 660,000 people. In the larger metropolitan area, there are more than 730,000 people. Winnipeg has the largest Aboriginal population of any major Canadian city in terms of both percentage of the population and total number of individuals. The city’s residents speak more than 100 different languages. With so many people and so many different backgrounds, it’s no wonder that Winnipeg is served by hundreds of lawyers who specialize in a range of services tailored to the special needs of Winnipeg residents.

Among those residents are the innovators who produce exciting new technologies for the city’s businesses and academic institutions. As the home of a major research university and a highly diversified economy, Winnipeg produces a steady stream of important innovations in a range of exciting fields—all of which require intellectual property protection.

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