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Technovate delivers ‘Peace of Mind’ with every translation project we undertake. With 6,000+ Translators specializing across various technical fields and industries in over 200 languages. Our quality control systems have been time tested and meet the rigorous standards of the 4,000 clients we’ve helped with over 20,000 projects. Call, email or send us your file and we’ll deliver by your deadline every time!

Important Industries of Minneapolis

Minneapolis and its twin city of St. Paul are together the second largest economic center in the American Midwest, behind only Chicago. The economy of Minneapolis has major sectors in transportation, finance, commerce, health care, and industry, particularly in terms of metal and automotive parts and chemical and agricultural products.

Emergency Translation

Technovate Translations specializes in emergency translation. In fact, many language service providers recommend us to their clients when they’re unable to deliver an emergency project within the client’s time requirements. Taking on a 50,000 word contract is not a problem within 5 days. We’ve done it many times both larger and smaller with less time. Our internal procedures allow us to deliver high quality work about 50% faster than our competition.

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About Minneapolis

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Minneapolis is one half of the Twin Cities, the other being St. Paul, the major population center of the state of Minnesota. Minneapolis has more than 400,000 residents in a metropolitan area of 3.8 million people. In its early days the city, which straddles the Mississippi River, was the most important flour milling center in the world and an important timber center. The city’s first schoolteacher named the metropolis, combining a Sioux word for “water” with the Greek word for “city” to represent the wealth of aquatic resources surrounding the settlement. Today, nearly two-thirds of the city’s population is white. The largest minority groups are African Americans at 18.6%, Hispanics at 10.5%, and Asians at 5.6%. The city has one of America’s largest gay populations, comprising 12.5% of the population across the LGBTQ spectrum. Between 1990 and 2000, the city saw an increase of 127% in the number of foreign born immigrants.

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