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SEO2: Translation + Lead Gen for Sales Growth

Advanced SEO is key to standing out in today’s competitive marketplace. Our SEO plans allow you to either target a specific language market or add a brand new marketing arm that promotes your business and generates leads for your team. Our two SEO options to help you accomplish your goals:

Multilingual SEO Plan

This service helps you target a non-English marketplace like Quebec, Latin-America and European Countries. Our marketing team and translation team work together:

  • Your website translated into the languages you want to emphasize
  • Helps your website generate leads where you have clients
  • Open new markets for you in Quebec, Latin-America and Europe
  • Communicate effectively with international clients

Read about how Multilingual SEO plan can advance your marketing efforts!

SEO Lead Booster Plan

This is our lead generating offer where we create a unique URL separately from your website specifically focused on generating new leads for your sales team.

  • A completely new URL created and SEO’d to target a specific market
  • Our team writes original content to accentuate your strengths
  • We generate more leads using your website, phone, email and web forms
  • Our main focus is generating leads for your team

Read how SEO lead Booster plan will get your sales from a new avenue!

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