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Case Studies

Depending on your goals our SEO programs are meant to satisfy your company’s objectives. Here’s what you can expect from each of our services:

How does our SEO Lead Booster Plan help business growth for our clients?

Recent analysis of our SEO performance and lead generation across three different websites reveal impressive results. Over a three-year period, we've significantly boosted leads for companies. These figures showcase our expertise in driving targeted leads through effective SEO strategies.

Here are the numbers when it comes to leads generated for an individual website in each of these industries:

Case 1 Case 2 Case 3
348 Leads for the year 310 Leads for the year 296 Leads for the year
(29 leads a month) (25 leads a month) (24 leads a month)

Total Leads (Tracked through Calls, Emails and Forms Submitted)

Our SEO services are unique because we can SEO your own website but we can also create a unique website separately that's main focus is to help you generate leads. Our professional writing team will write unique content and create a professional micro-website (5-7 pages). We also add unique phone numbers and forms where we track how the lead generation efforts are performing. This allows us to generate more leads for your company.

What can you do with an extra 29, 25, and 24 leads in a month?

Start Boosting Your Inbound Leads for Your Team Today

There are so many reasons why this is the right service for your company. There is no downside to this offer. Very low upfront costs. No involvement needed from your efforts. We not only save you time but we’re also saving you money as the rate is going to go up in March 2024. Take advantage today. Simply call our office and press 3 to speak to our Multilingual SEO & Marketing Team. You can also fill out the form below and give us an idea of what your needs are and we can put together a lead boosting package specifically for your needs.

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