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Propel Sales: SEO Lead Booster Plan

Introducing our SEO Lead Booster – a game-changer in digital marketing and lead generation. At Technovate we've crafted a specialized strategy to skyrocket your business's lead acquisition.

This plan involves creating a custom microsite, consisting of 5-7 pages, designed to capture and convert your target audience. Equipped with a custom phone number for precise lead tracking and tailored forms for in-depth lead insights, along with a separate custom email that forwards all enquiries to your desired in-house email.

This additional website is your dedicated tool for measurable growth. Our team will write custom content by consulting with your present website to showcase you in the best way and get your phones ringing and email dinging. Our SEO experts ensure that each page is optimized for maximum visibility, driving targeted traffic right to your doorstep. Get ready to transform your online presence into a powerful, lead-generating machine!"

Remember!!! You can have us create one site or 5 websites.

With each website we target a specific city, country, market or product group!

Here is what our SEO Lead Booster Plan offers:

1. Comprehensive Service Management
• 100% Hands-Off Approach: Complete end-to-end management by our team.

2. Customized Website Design
• 5-7 Page Custom Website: Tailored to drive traffic to your sales team.

3. Expert Content Creation
• Full Web Content Writing: Professionally crafted content by professional writers.

4. Strategic SEO and Research
• Targeted Industry and Keyword Research: For finding the most effective keywords.
• Monthly Extensive SEO Optimization: Ongoing SEO efforts for continual improvement.

5. Advanced Lead Tracking Tools
• Dedicated Custom Phone Number: For precise lead tracking.
• Integrated Lead Generation Forms: To effectively capture leads.

6. Direct Email Integration
• Email Forwarding to Sales Team: Direct connection of website emails to your sales team.

7. Quality Content Marketing
• Quarterly Expert Research Articles: High-quality, authoritative content updates.

8. Unique Online Identity
• Separate Unique URL: A distinct and independent web address.

9. Targeted Marketing Solutions
• Localized Marketing: Customized for specific markets or countries as requested.

10. Flexible and Client-Friendly Terms
• Low Upfront Fees: Begin with low initial costs.
• No Long-Term Contracts: Month to Month Plan.

All These Benefits for One Low Monthly Fee!

Our marketing team can also create a multiple website package targeting several markets.

This program is a month-to-month program with no long-term commitment!

Contact us today and speak to a representative regarding our Our SEO Lead Gen Boost Plan Package!

Let Technovate Boost Your Lead Generation Today! 
Contact us direct at 1-800-736-7764 to experience the Technovate difference!

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