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December 2012

Translations that Matter

Success Story: Translations that Matter
495 Productions is Amazed by Technovate Translations!

Four Years In the Making

Our Story - Four Years In the Making
As we get ready to enter our fifth year in the translation industry, we think it's a good time to look back at how far we've come.

Popular Languages of 2013

Popular Languages of 2013
As we move into 2013, we are expecting European languages to increase in demand.

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November 2012

Translations that Matter

Translations that Matter
Technovate Translations deliver for the Archdiocese of Toronto with great results!

Four Years In the Making

3 Reasons Why You Should Expect Your Translation Service Provider to Be Certified CAN/CGSB-131.10 -2008 or EN 15038
The next time you look at translation services remember to compare apples to apples and don't be afraid to ask questions about translation certifications.

Popular Languages of 2013

How Translation Services Helped Dubai to Grow
Investing in translation services into or out of Arabic can help make doing business in Dubai much easier and more profitable.

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October 2012

Translations that Matter

Technovate Translations Delivers for HI-TEC.Let us share with you our latest translation success story to show you how we can help you, too.

Four Years In the Making

5 Tips for a Successful Foreign Business Trip.
We have some tips to keep in mind in order to make your next international business trip productive…

Popular Languages of 2013

In a Hyper-Connected World Language is Your Only Barrier.
Making an effort to appeal to a global audience, in a variety of languages, gets your business noticed…

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September 2011

Manual Translation Available 24/7

Client Spotlight: Comas Group
We help Comas Group translate manuals from French to English with fast turnaround.

Professional Software Localization

Choosing the Right LSP for your Software Localization
Find out what to look for when choosing an LSP for your software localization.

The Key to Satisfied Clients
Here's what to look for in a capable language translation company.

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August 2011

Client Spotlight: Amico
We provide a leading Medical Equipment supplier and developer with a complex English to French Translation.

Protect Your Brand with Effective Marketing Translations
Marketing Translations done wrong can quickly hurt your business for a long time.

Localization - The Necessary Step in Accurate Translations
Localization of texts is the difference between an effective and ineffective translation.

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July 2011

Client Spotlight: Texas Western Hospitality
With a family culture in mind, we helped Texas Western Hospitality translate lengthy complex Spanish job description and policy documents.

The Key to Successful Communications
Accurate translations make it possible for consistency among interoffice communications.

Teamwork Makes a Good Translation
When quality is at the forefront of every translation, it requires a highly coordinated team to make it happen.

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June 2011

Client Spotlight: Capgemini
Capgemini needed a complex, high quality translation with fast turnaround and we delivered.

Translation or Interpretaion?
We discuss the differences between the two to help you decide which service better suits your needs.

Summary Translations
When you need a quick translation of a document to figure out main points, a summary translation is exactly what you need.

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May 2011

Client Spotlight: Brand Energy and Infrastructure

We lay the foundation for a strong working relationship through technical manual translations.

Translating a Legal Document
An accurate legal translation is the best way to go.

Translating War
The difference between life and death can sometimes lie in the meaning of a simple sentence.

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April 2011

Client Spotlight: AeroGo
With a need to translate their product manuals in several languages, we help AeroGo lift their company into European markets.

Medical Translations: More than Labels
Don't underestimate the power of an accurate medical translation. It could be the difference between life and death.

Translations that Deliver
In times of natural disaster, translations and interpretations inform and educate the people who matter most.

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March 2011

Client Spotlight: Alumicor
Translating technical documents for building projects was the start to a solid working relationship.

Interpretation: Translation is More than Textual
While text plays a big role in translation, interpretive services are on the rise and should not be ignored.

The Human Advantage:
The choice is clear. Employ human translators if you want the job done right the first time.

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February 2011

Client Spotlight: is changing the music scene on an international scale, and they came to us to give them a presence in China and India.

4 Benefits of Choosing a Translation Agency Instead
of an Independent Translator

Why putting your faith in a translation agency can protect you from the dangers of unforeseen circumstances.

Introducing Multilingual Transcription
Technovate Translations has launched a new service — transcription of audio and/or video into text — in any language!

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January 2011

Client Spotlight: Driven By Solar
Greening the art of a well-manicured lawn — Driven By Solar makes yardcare simple and environmentally friendly.

The Benefits of Translating into Multiple Languages
In today's broadly international market and high immigrant populations, translating from English into one other language is rarely enough.

How Will You Use Translation in 2011?
Depending on how your organization grows and changes in 2011, here are a few ways you might use translation that you haven't thought of before.

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December 2010

Client Spotlight: MedeFile
An improved healthcare system should be for everyone, no matter what language you speak.

Happy Holidays and Looking To 2011
We're thankful to you for making it possible for us to have a great year in 2010 — we hope to make 2011 an even better year for us and our clients.

2010: The Year in Translation
A look back at 2010 and several of the important events surrounding translation and language.

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November 2010

Client Spotlight: Route1
Global network security requires a global approach to communication, and that means translation.

Translation and Your Small Business
Professional translation isn't just for big corporations — see how your small business can use translation to flourish.

Language Law
A guide to the language laws and common practices in North America.

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October 2010

Client Spotlight: Mercedes-Benz
The international auto maker knows how to reach a global market with translation.

Taking Your Website Global
What you need to know about reaching out to other cultures with your online presence.

The Value of Hiring a Professional
Why amateur or software translation can hurt, rather than help, your bottom line.

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September 2010

Client Spotlight: Bombardier Inc.
Translation plays a major role in worldwide transportation.

Reaching Domestic Niche Markets with Translation
How much business are you missing in your own backyard?

Document Preparation and Optimization
Get the most from your translator by optimizing your original document.