February 2011
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4 Benefits of Choosing a Translation Agency Instead of an Independent Translator

Professional Translator Once you've made the innovative decision to empower your customers by providing content in multiple languages, you will need to choose a translation specialist to produce your language-specific content. There are two major paths you can choose: a freelance (independent) translator, or a translation agency like Technovate Translations. This article will outline four of the benefits of choosing a translation firm rather than an individual translator to handle your translation and localization needs.

  1. Translation Firms Offer Greater Reliability
    An individual translator is only one person, and putting your documents in a single person's hands means that should that translator fail to meet your deadline, you have little recourse except to seek out someone else to do the job. By contrast, a translation firm works with a powerful network of skilled translators to ensure that every project is handled quickly and professionally. Should anything prevent one translator from completing a project, a translation firm can quickly allocate your project to an equally skilled translator to complete the project on time.
  2. Translation Firms Offer Greater Language Support
    An individual translator may be an expert in one language, or possibly two. But most translators don't have the deep knowledge needed to translate across dozens or even hundreds of languages. When you need content translated across multiple language platforms, a translation firm has the ability to harness a powerful network of skilled translators, guaranteeing that you will receive accurate and localized translation services across every language you need your material translated into.
  3. Translation Firms Offer Greater Quality Control Assurance
    A freelance translator likely works alone, and you as the customer need to trust that the translator is accurately translating and localizing your content. But how can you be sure that the translation you receive is of the highest quality? With a translation firm, a network of skilled translators is used to review each translation for quality assurance, guaranteeing that you receive the most accurate translation available. Having additional skilled translators review your work adds an additional level of security to help you rest assured that your project is in good hands.
  4. Translation Firms Offer Greater Accountability
    A freelance translator is likely a sole proprietor, working by him- or herself to produce translations for multiple clients. But what happens if the translator fails to meet your requirements or you discover that the translator made a mistake? With an individual freelance translator, you have little recourse other than to take your business elsewhere. With a translation firm, these problems are unlikely ever to happen in the first place thanks to quality control safeguards, but should you ever have a question about a project or an issue you need addressed, a translation firm offers full customer support from customer care specialists who are trained to make sure your every need is met.

February 2011

By now the first quarter of 2011 is in full swing and you're shaking of the winter slump — if you experienced it at all. Now is the time to look towards the spring and new opportunities to use translation to improve your outlook for the rest of the year!

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4 Benefits of Choosing a Translation Agency Instead of an Independent Translator
Why putting your faith in a translation agency can protect you from the dangers of unforeseen circumstances.

Introducing Multilingual Transcription
Technovate Translations has launched a new service — transcription of audio and/or video into text — in any language!

Client Spotlight: Hitlab.com
Hitlab.com is changing the music scene on an international scale, and they came to us to give them a presence in China and India.

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As a business professional, you understand the benefits of great customer service and accountability. Choosing a translation firm just makes sense, since your business can receive so many benefits from working with another business—the translation firm—that understands where you're coming from and what you need. With so many benefits, make the decision to choose a translation firm for your next translation project. You won't regret it.

Introducing Multilingual Transcription

Multilingual Transcription Technovate rolls out its newest service this month, adding multilingual transcription to the list of quality services it provides.

Transcription from audio or video is a demanding process that requires a careful ear and an expert grasp of language. For accuracy and efficiency, you need transcriptionists you can rely on, which is why we're preparing to offer transcription in any of 150 major world languages. Our team of transcriptionists will take your audio recordings of corporate meetings, seminars, lectures and phone calls and transform them with into words on paper, reflecting the precision you expect from Technovate Translations.

Our multilingual transcription services will focus on three main areas: corporate, legal and medical. These are fields in which effective communication is essential; getting information wrong can have serious repercussions. Clients can trust Technovate to select the most qualified, best-suited transcriptionist from its versatile team to meet the specific demands of each assignment. Transcriptionists have the specialized knowledge and the technical vocabulary to understand and transcribe even the toughest audio and video recordings, ensuring that no vital information is lost and all dialogue is on record.

Getting Facts on Paper for Corporate Clients
Not everyone can make that important meeting or conference call, and even the most attentive of us miss details from time to time. Technovate's new transcription service ensures that every spoken word is recorded for those who need it. Presentations, interviews, phone calls and board meetings can all be reliably preserved in text form exactly as they happened.

Delivering with Precision to Medical Clients
In medicine, every detail counts. Technovate multilingual transcription services will guarantee patient interviews, surgical procedures and academic lectures transcribed into a form in which they can have full confidence. With this new service, we convert crucial medical data from audio to text for the benefit of your patients, staff, students or colleagues.

Bringing Trustworthy Transcriptions to Legal Clients
A missing or misinterpreted word can make all the difference in the courtroom, so 100-percent trustworthy transcriptions matter. Transcribed evidence, court proceedings and legal interviews can be easily shared among colleagues and consulted for reference in a matter of seconds.

Technovate Translations' bilingual staff transcriptionists specialize in French and English, but we can bring in expertise to match whichever language you need, from German and Spanish to Hindi and Haitian. We can transcribe to and from any of over 150 languages, and if you need additional translation, no problem — we can add translation services to transcriptions at affordable, competitive rates. As Technovate adds new services to its range, tailoring the experience to meet clients' needs remains paramount.

Client Spotlight — Hitlab.com

Website Translation Hitlab.com is a virtual crucible for emergent music and artists, a place any independent musician can upload their music and analyze the song's content against data gathered from hits that made it big over the last several years.

With rising star Akon's name to back the project, Hitlab.com is a hotbed of activity among amateur and professional recording artists alike. The music "laboratory" currently helps over 100,000 musicians cook up singles with real potential to take the earbuds of today's popculture denizens by storm.

Soon after Hitlab.com launched, the website enjoyed increased popularity in China and India. That spurred them to contact us. We translated the entire website into Simplified Chinese and Hindi.

Websites are 24-hour workers — they never take a break. That's why it was so important to Hitlab.com that their translation agency worked 24-hours as well. You never know when you'll need something translated.

"At first glance when I stumbled on the Technovate Translations website, I was sceptical about the "24 Hour Hotline". Worried it would be a computer answering, I still decided to call in. To my surprise a Technovate Translation Rep answered me and catered to all my needs which included having a 500+ word document translated from English to Hindi in only a few hours." Hamza A., Hitlab.com's Director of Operations, was pleased with his experience with us. "Technovate Translations always delivered on time when we had emergencies, not only was the speed and service remarkable but the quality was approved by an Indian team that double checked the document and decided not to modify anything!"

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