March 2011
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Company Spotlight: AIumicor

Technical Translation for Construction Alumicor is a Canadian-based supplier of architectural aluminum building products for the institutional, commercial, industrial market place. Their products include curtain walls, windows, entrances, swing doors, overhead glazing and wall facings, extrusions and hardware. Their large range of services and products make it difficult to have a building project that they cannot help construct. With employees who are leaders and experts in their industry, Alumicor is a one stop solution for construction projects. They also promote green initiatives by using recycled aluminum to help buildings attain LEED certification showing their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Alumicor needed technical documents for construction projects translated from French to English and approached Technovate Translations to get the job done. Bob Adams, a representative from Alumicor says, "Overall the experience working with Technovate Translations was very responsive. It was easy to communicate documents back and forth on the website making the whole process convenient and fast."

Technovate Translations and Alumicor share similar attitudes towards good quality products and excellent customer service. This made it easy to work with Alumicor because we have common business principles with our products and clients and as a result, we have completed several translations for Alumicor. We look forward to future projects with Alumicor after constructing a solid business relationship with them.

Interpretation: Translation is More than Textual

Professional Interpretation The word "translation" is usually associated with textual services. However interpretive services where messages are translated orally or visually through sign language are also a large part of translation. For companies that want to venture into new territories and expand their services into foreign markets interpretation services can help smooth the transition into unfamiliar languages. It is vital that policies and procedures are translated properly to avoid confusion and potential disasters such as legal action, damages, or injury.

March 2011

Thank you to all of our new and continuing clients. We are proud to have helped more clients than ever before. We look forward to continued business with everyone in the month of March.

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Company Spotlight: Alumicor
Translating technical documents for building projects was the start to a solid working relationship.

Interpretation: Translation is More than Textual
While text plays a big role in translation, interpretive services are on the rise and should not be ignored.

The Human Advantage:
The choice is clear. Employ human translators if you want the job done right the first time.

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Interpreters can play an important role in growing businesses. Professional interpreters have the ability to translate language in real time orally or using sign language facilitating instant audible or visual communication. When training new employees in a foreign language an interpreter can be used during seminars, workshops, client meetings and employee orientations to make sure everyone understands and stays on the same page. Clear effective communication benefits the company as a whole making operations more efficient, using more with less.

When using interpretive services it is important to choose an interpreter that not only translates word for word, but messages as a whole. There are phrases and idioms that simply do not translate from one language to another. It is imperative that the interpreter has a native cultural understanding of the language being interpreted to avoid confusion.

Alternate interpretation services include depositions, hearings, arbitrations, medical appointments, phone calls and many others. With interpretation services growing in demand while international communications lines open, it is important not to overlook this service that has the potential to foster company growth and facilitate successful expansion.

The Human Advantage

Human Translation Why go through all the trouble of using a translation agency when software that does the same job is available for purchase? The answer to this question lies in quality control. Software does quickly translate documents, however it leaves out room for cultural idioms and phrases native to areas. This means that a document may be translated word for word, but may still be incoherent due to a lack of cultural insight that cannot be programmed into software.

To assure care, quality and accuracy it is always best to employ real physical translators that are well educated and experts in their language. Translation software does have its benefits in terms of speed and depth. However, the memory and functionality of a software program does not match the care, proofreading ability, and skill of a human translator. This is especially true with poetic language use, where software programs tend to blindly deviate from the actual meaning of the sentence or paragraph due to a lack of familiarity or historical knowledge. With a human translator at your service, you can rest easier knowing that your document will be properly translated.

Think of it this way. If translation software does not correctly translate your document the first time and you have to go to a translation agency to fix the problem, it would’ve been more cost efficient to initially use translation agency services. Save yourself the hassle of correcting a document and do it right the first time. The positives far outweigh the negatives with documents where risks cannot be afforded. Visit us online

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