April 2011
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Company Spotlight: AeroGo

Manual Translation for AeroGo AeroGo provides moving solutions with its innovative transportation technology. Their products facilitate moving heavy and awkward loads from 500 lbs. to 5000 tons with ease. Moving into the forefront of material handling, their services allow for ultra low friction, omnidirectional movement, access to tight spaces and low clearances and minimal resource use. They make it easier for companies to safely move their awkward, sensitive or heavy materials minimizing chances of workplace injury.

AeroGo needed product specification sheets and manuals translated into multiple languages such as Swedish, German and Polish and approached Technovate Translations to get the job done. Barb Kiliz, AeroGo Marketing Communications says, "I liked how everything was online. I was able to get in touch with someone easily whether it was on the phone or through email making the translation failsafe!"

Similar to Technovate Translations, exceptional customer service and continuing research has made AeroGo a leader in their industry. These shared business principles made working with AeroGo easy the first time and as a result, AeroGo has completed several projects with Technovate Translations. Technovate Translations takes great pride in helping this revolutionary leader in the air bearing systems industry build their international profile and expand their services.

Medical Translations: More than Labels

Medical Translations In an increasingly connected world where communication channels are constantly shrinking, the spread of international disease has created a new and important role for medical translations. Medical translations now serve as educators and informants during times of crisis. Newscasts, informational brochures, and posters and signs are just a few examples of medical translations that disseminate information to the public during medical emergencies. In effect, medical translations can mean the difference between life and death during periods of widespread disease.

The SARS outbreak in Toronto is a good example of medical translations at work. The cultural composition of Toronto is mixed with people from different cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Medical translations were necessary so that people could understand the pandemic and stop it from spreading uncontrollably in their own communities. Signs, news reports, and online articles are just a few examples of the necessary translations that helped Torontonians understand their responsibilities and do their part in stopping the spread of disease. Signs were translated into a multitude of different languages including English, Simplified Chinese, French, Korean and many others.

April 2011

As spring starts to come out of hibernation, there's no better time to research what translation and interpretation services can do for your business. If you feel like it's time to take your services into new territories, translations and interpretations can help you get there!

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Company Spotlight: AeroGo
With a need to translate their product manuals in several languages, we help AeroGo lift their company into European markets.

Medical Translations: More than Labels
Don't underestimate the power of an accurate medical translation. It could be the difference between life and death.

Translations that Deliver
In times of natural disaster, translations and interpretations inform and educate the people who matter most.

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International doctors that volunteer their services overseas in less developed countries also use translations and interpreters to help as many people as they can. Clear interpretation is necessary so that doctors and nurses can work in unison to correctly diagnose patients. This ensures that medical personnel give patients the medical treatment they need to maintain a quality of life worth living. Medications and advice must also be translated for patients so that after care is successful. Unfortunately, translators often have the responsibility of delivering sensitive information such as bad news to patients. Although difficult, medical translators and interpreters must deal with giving out medically related bad news to friends and family.

Whether it is bad news, good news, or informational material translators have a responsibility to do their best to educate the masses. Due to the nature of their translations, medical translators have to be particularly vigilant in the accuracy of their translations because lives are held in the balance.

Translations that Deliver

Foreign Language Translation So you wake up in the morning, get your daily news fix and what do you find out? A natural disaster has devastated another international community, leaving its citizens stranded with no food, shelter or clean water. This unfortunate scenario seems to be frequently repeating itself as more and more people feel Mother Nature's wrath.

For the people who have friends and family in areas affected by natural disasters, feelings of sympathy and concern are intensified. Translators have the important task of accurately converting information surrounding the event so that the global community can keep up with current affairs. People are desperate to understand the event, and the 5W's (who, what, when, where, and why) must be clearly answered to quench the general public's thirst for knowledge. It is important that people overseas affected by these natural disasters are given carefully translated sensitive information. This is so that they can determine the status of their loved ones and help to deliver them to safety as quickly as possible.

News organizations thrive on this natural need to stay informed about the world around us. The nature of news is immediate and must be instantaneous to remain relevant. The recent advent of Social Media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter continue this trend of instant information. Translation and interpretation play a vital role in these new channels of communication. Translators are forced to act quickly and get new messages out in a wide number of different languages to keep this well oiled news machine running smoothly.

Charitable organizations that set up donation drives and volunteer efforts use translators and interpreters to better understand the needs of the victims of natural disasters. They use this data to set fundraising goals and help as much as they can with donated time and money to restore the victim's quality of life as soon as possible. For example, Google recently launched Messages for Japan a tool that enables a user to write a supportive message in their own native language that is automatically translated into Japanese. Users can also see other messages from other countries to get a better idea of the international community's reactions. People can also use the tool to donate to relief efforts.

In times of global crisis, translation and interpretation services inform the masses and direct them to action. Translation is essential to delivering key information so that if needed, resolutions to serious problems can be implemented in a timely manner. Translation and interpretation facilitates the natural urge to give and help as much as possible.

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