June 2011
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Company Spotlight: Capgemini

Technical Document Translation Capgemini helps clients progress, transform, and perform through technologies with their insights and capabilities designed to take businesses to that next level. Their services are split into 4 distinct divisions: Consulting Services, Technology Services, Outsourcing Services, and Local Professional Services. Capgemini is an international company, with over 95,000 employees all over the world.

Capgemini approached Technovate Translations for a complex, lengthy document translation. We quickly assigned the project over to one of our accomplished translators, and had the translations done on time and on budget. Capgemini was extremely impressed with our amazing client service and fast turnaround, and said "We will be sure to keep Technovate at the top of our list for our next translation effort/requirement."

At Technovate Translations we want to help our clients with our technologies, insights and capabilities just like Capgemini.

Translation or Interpretation?

Translation or Interpretation Translations and interpretations are both excellent ways to communicate information in different languages. While one is textual based and the other one is oral based, they both have the same function in delivering content from one language into another. For both translation and interpretation, it is important that the content is localised, otherwise the translation or interpretation will be out of context and won't make sense.


Translations are mainly textual documents that need to be transformed from one language to another. This is not simply word for word translation from one word to the next, but rather the crossover of ideas and meanings into different cultures and languages. Companies can use this service if they have an international or diverse audience that demands their collaterals to be in a different language.

Companies must choose a translation company that has accurate translations and quick turn around to ensure that their materials are translated correctly and on time. A misinterpretation of text or a turn of phrase wrongly translated could be disastrous if it offends the intended audience. This could tarnish your reputation internationally making it difficult to recover and make an impact with your products or services.

June 2011

June 2011's newsletter addresses some questions and concerns we've received about identifying the need for translation services, and which translation services to choose when that need is certain. We understand that it's important to be picky with your translation services because it could be the difference between success and failure. Don't be shy to contact us and ask questions regarding any of our translation services. We'll be more than glad to help!

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Company Spotlight
Capgemini needed a complex, high quality translation with fast turnaround and we delivered.

Translation or Interpretaion?
We discuss the differences between the two to help you decide which service better suits your needs.

Summary Translations
When you need a quick translation of a document to figure out main points, a summary translation is exactly what you need.

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Interpretations are mainly used as a means of reproducing something oral such as a speech or workshop in a different language. Interpretations are usually done on the spot, most commonly at conferences. Organizations employ interpretation services when real time translations are needed to instantly communicate important information from one language to another.

Organizations should use interpretation services when any kind of oral translation is needed. Interpretations offer the advantage of having visual reference points where if something is missed or misunderstood the audience can still understand the main message with other visual cues from the interpreter. If the interpretation is recorded, the audience can also go back on the recording and replay the missed interpretation.

So there you have it: the differences between translation and interpretation. Sometimes it may be tricky trying to decide between the two language services when taking your services and products into a different language. If you need help trying to decide, don't hesitate to contact Technovate Translations and we'll gladly lead you in the right direction.

Summary Translations

Summary Translation Need something translated right away? Only need to know the main points of the document? Then a summary translation may be in order. Summary translations provide a quick summary of a document in a short translation that is meant to be fast and to the point. In emergency situations where a simple translation of key information is needed, summary translations are the perfect solution.

Summary translations allow the reader to understand the main points of a document, and are commonly used in acquisitions and merger documents. They tend to be cost effective because the whole document is not translated. This is a good option for shorter documents where details are not necessarily important. Instead of translating thick documents that are hundreds of pages in length, a summary translation could have the important information summarized in as much as half that, closer to 50 pages, to make the reading material more manageable.

Summary translations also prove to be beneficial when there is a tight timeframe on a translation. When turn around time needs to be fast, it is easier to condense and rework materials as opposed to translating every last detail. If you have a detailed list of the main points that you need translated, this will make it even easier and faster for the translator. If not, you can trust that the translator will single out everything that is needed so that the reader understands the main points.

Although a translator is trained for accuracy and attention to detail, some also specialize in summary translations and know how to identify the most important points in a document. Technovate Translations won't just submit your summary translation to anyone. We will make sure it gets into the hands of a dependable translator who knows how to locate and produce succinct summary translations that are effective and understandable.

Summary translations are cost effective, and good on a tight timeframe. These kinds of translations are necessary when the details and nuances of a document aren't exactly priority. It should also be noted that summary translations tend to stay in house, and aren't created for publication due to the accompanying lack of details. Keep in mind that there are situations where full translations are necessary to effectively get a full understanding of a translated document from one project to another. But if you need something translated fast and only need to know key points in a document, take a long and hard look at Technovate Translations' summary translation services!

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