July 2011
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Client Spotlight: Texas Western Hospitality

Spanish Document Translation Texas Western Hospitality specialises in hospitality services such as hotels, retail centers, condominiums and apartments. To date, they operate more than 40 select service, extended stay, and full-service hotels under worldwide powerhouses Hilton and Mariott in Arizona, North and South Carolina, and throughout Texas.

Texas Western Hospitality approached Technovate Translations to have job descriptions and policies translated into Spanish. Technovate Translations quickly assigned the project to one of our many Spanish translators, and finished the project in a timely manner. Paige Sears, Corporate Director of HR says, "I liked the ease of the process and sending the order through the email system and having an immediate response. The staff was very helpful!"

Texas Western Hospitality focuses on a family mentality, meaning they encourage a strong family work culture. Technovate Translations understands the importance of working smart, not long, and the employment satisfaction that comes from putting family first. Texas Western Hospitality continues to work with us to this day, and we look forward to collaborating on future projects.

The Key to Successful Communications

Quality Human Translation Once you've decided to take the plunge and take your services overseas, opening up offices in other cities worldwide is a good way to manage your resources and have a better understanding of local matters surrounding your business. This may mean hiring people whose native tongue is not the same as the head offices', which could lead to misunderstandings and inefficiency. To facilitate operational efficiency, foster creativity, and move your company forward, accurate, internal translations are the key to clear communications amongst staff.

Imagine the run around involved in constantly trying to communicate a simple message from one language to another, flying by the seat of your pants trying to make things work. Clear translations spell out exactly what needs to be said in any language so that everyone gets on the same page, and pushes the same agenda towards success. There are translation technologies that you can employ such as Google translate to do minor translations, but for the major translations where no details can be overlooked, human translation is the sure bet way of ensuring nothing is left out and everything is considered.

It is important not to view language barriers in the workplace as a disadvantage, but as a good opportunity to grow your business with cultural diversity. A team is only as good as the sum of its parts, and if everyone in your business is working

July 2011

The decision to take your communications global is a tough one to make, but once a plan is in place and you reap the benefits, all the hard work pays off. The world is getting smaller and smaller by the minute, as advances in communications technologies continually change the business landscape. Take advantage of cost effective communications technologies with accurate, effective translations from Technovate Translations that facilitate clear communication.

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Client Spotlight: Texas Western Hospitality
With a family culture in mind, we helped Texas Western Hospitality translate lengthy complex Spanish job description and policy documents.

The Key to Successful Communications
Accurate translations make it possible for consistency among interoffice communications.

Teamwork Makes a Good Translation
When quality is at the forefront of every translation, it requires a highly coordinated team to make it happen.

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in harmony it will reflect in your performance reviews. Morale will boost which employees will appreciate and put back into your business, harnessing the power of teamwork towards positive results. Accurate translations will make everyone feel more comfortable communicating back and forth in different languages.

It is worth it to get a quality translation to ensure consistency across all fronts, in every office of your business whether it be in North America, Europe, Africa or anywhere else. The next time you're thinking of streamlining your international communication structure with translations, remember Technovate Translations is always ready, willing and able to help.

Teamwork Makes a Good Translation

Professional Translation Agency Creating an accurate translation is a fine art which requires many different people to work and come together and combine their talents. Typically, the three major players in a translation involve:

  1. The client who needs something translated
  2. The Language Service Provider (LSP) that the client approaches to manage the translation project.
  3. The translator employed by the LSP to get the document translated.

Translations are not a one stop process. It involves constant communication between all three parties to ensure an accurate and effective translation is produced so that the client's needs and requirements are fulfilled.

A client's translation needs change on the daily so it is important that both translators and LSPs remain flexible and patient with every translation that they're assigned. Although it may be frustrating to have to go back and forth frequently and make small changes to a translated document, it is a necessary step in the process when quality is (and always should be) a major priority. When a deadline is fast approaching, this may mean clients, translators and LSPs working well into the morning, collaborating back and forth to make sure translations are done the right way.

Making quality a priority is a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it. It can be a challenge keeping both translators and clients happy at the same time, but in the end after everything is said and done the result is a translation that does what it means to do, communicate into another language so that the new intended audience can understand the message.

In the translation industry, quality is king and it is important for an LSP to build and maintain a good reputation to produce leads through personal references and word of mouth. Technovate Translations puts its clients first because we've done translations ourselves with other companies and know what not to do. We know the difference between good and poor translations, and make it our goal to only provide the best.

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