August 2011
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Client Spotlighty: Amico

English to French Translation for Amico Amico Corporation supplies Medical Equipment worldwide such as: medical gas pipeline products, alarm systems, zone valves, EMS products and many more. As a leader in its industry, Amico prides itself on delivering and developing the most advanced Medical Gas Pipeline Equipment in the world.

Amico came to Technovate Translations needing a high quality document translation from English to French. We immediately called one of our translators and had someone translating the document the same day. With a quick turnaround, Amico went on to say, "I just wanted to say thank you for helping me translate the document from English – French in such rush timing. I look forward to working with you soon!"

Technovate Translations is proud to be associated with a leader in the Global Health Care Industry. We look to continue doing business with fine organizations such as Amico as we continue to grow and be a leader in the translations industry.

Protect Your Brand with Effective Marketing Translations

Effective Marketing Translation Developing a strong brand is key to creating positive resonating feelings with your main client base. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as maintaining a successful brand is no easy task. It takes strategic planning, versatility, flexibility and some luck. When porting your brand into a different language, a simple miscalculation or lapse of judgement could make you seem culturally insensitive, ruining that reputation you've worked so hard to create. Imagine years of work being instantly discarded because of one mistake from a bad translation!

Thinking about having some of your advertising copy translated? For marketing translations, advertising copy is one of the most important translations that needs to be accurate when going multilingual. You cannot sell your ideas, products or services if your supporting messages get lost in translation. First impressions count, and starting off on the wrong foot with a new audience makes it that much harder to build rapport, and eventually a long standing relationship with your new potential clients. It is best to present yourself with effective marketing campaigns that resonate well with the intended audience through effective translations that keep your branding true.

When you decide to translate marketing materials into a different language, ensure that the translation is localized. This negates any possibility of cultural insensitivity in your communications and avoids a marketing fiasco that takes years of public relations to patch up. Work closely with your translator and language service provider and ensure that the end translation is without mistake, so that you protect yourself and all the hard work you've put into your reputation from taking a hit from offensive translated materials.

August 2011

In this month's newsletter, we focus on the importance of accuracy in translations. Poor translations look unprofessional, sloppy, and give off negative first impressions that tarnish reputations. Technovate Translations specialises in quick, accurate translations that are localized to guarantee retention or meaning. Please don't hesitate to ask us about how we localize all of our translations!

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Client Spotlight: Amico
We provide a leading Medical Equipment supplier and developer with a complex English to French Translation.

Protect Your Brand with Effective Marketing Translations
Marketing Translations done wrong can quickly hurt your business for a long time.

Localization – The Necessary Step in Accurate Translations
Localization of texts is the difference between an effective and ineffective translation.

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Technovate Translations works closely with its translators on every project to ensure they are done on time and on budget. We encourage our clients to contact us throughout the duration of their translation project to stay as up to date as possible with their translation. We've discovered that effective and successful marketing translations require a close knit team that feeds off of each other's energy and input. Technovate Translations harnesses this energy to better ourselves with each and every translation that we complete. This way, our clients help up grow, as we help them with our translations and vice versa.

If you have any questions about marketing translations, don't forget that Technovate Translations is here to help. We'd be more than happy to provide a translation consultation free of charge to help you assess your marketing translation needs. Simply call in and speak to one of our lovely translation specialists to get started.

Localization – The Necessary Step in Accurate Translations

Anyone can go online and find a free translation program to transfer text from one language to another. Let's say for example that someone is looking to translate a document from English to French. The problem is that the French language has many different dialects and regional differences that vary from one place to another. This means that just because something is translated into French does not mean that everyone who understands French will read the communications in the same way, and get the same messages.

This is why localization is so important. During localization, translators take regional language differences into consideration when they translate documents to ensure accuracy and consistency in their messages. The end result is a polished translation that intended audiences will understand in their own local native tongue.

It is true that machine translations are able to translate large amounts of text in a short period of time. However, they still lack the nuances of a language that a human translator can inject into a translation, giving it a creative flare that captures the attention of the audience. Furthermore, machine translations and software programs often translate texts in a manner that is not localized. This means that while words are translated word for word, they do not make sense when put together in paragraphs or long sentences. Localization solves this problem by putting the final touches on every word and sentence so that they structurally make sense in their intended context.

Technovate Translations employs versatile so that we can localize every translation. We learned quickly that accuracy is a must-have in order to deliver the highest quality document we can produce. We assign translations to the translators who live in the area of the target language because these translators have the best knowledge of the local dialects. This enables us to produce accurate, high quality translations that our clients rightfully deserve. Visit us online

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