September 2011
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Client Spotlight: Comas Group

Comas Group Translation Article Comas Group is a manufacturing company that helps clients boost sales with displays, store fixtures, printing, signing, packaging and distribution. They help clients influence their consumers purchasing decisions with organized displays that hit all the right spots with eye catching first impressions.

Comas Group approached Technovate Translations because they needed technical instructional manuals translated from English to French. We immediately had one of our professional English to French Translators working on the job so that we could get it back to them as quickly as possible. Pierre Salvador, Manager of Print Production was impressed with our work, saying, "Overall working with Technovate Translations was great. I really liked the fast turnaround of our project."

We specialize in high quality translations with fast turnaround and excellent customer service. We're excited that we got to help Comas Group with a translation that will make an impact on a business' success.

Choosing the Right LSP for your Software Localization

Choosing the Right LSP More companies are taking their products and services online and as a result, software development has experienced a boom like never before. If you are an organization taking advantage of this online surge, translating your software is essential to increasing the reach of your product and capitalizing on globalization.

Users prefer to use software in their own language because they are able to comfortably navigate the interface with full understanding. This also promotes productivity for the end user, because they can freely use the software without having to second guess the interface, making it easier to work on their assignments.

Organizations benefit from software localization by developing trust with their new potential clients. Trust translates into leads and generates business, facilitating success and future expansion of the product. Localization ensures that cultural specific references are considered during the translation. This means that the target the language is tailored to that specific region, to avoid cultural insensitivity and make your audience feel at home.

September 2011

As summer draws to a close and people return from their time off, business starts to pick up as everyone returns to work focussed and relaxed. Technovate Translations is excited to take on your translation projects and build on going relationships so that we can help each other grow and get closer to our goals. We look forward to working with you on your translation and interpretation projects!

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Client Spotlight: Comas Group
We help Comas Group translate manuals from French to English with fast turnaround.

Choosing the Right LSP for your Software Localization
Find out what to look for when choosing an LSP for your software localization.

The Key to Satisfied Clients
Here's what to look for in a capable language translation company.

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Many organizations approach a Language Service Provider (LSP) to take care of their software localization. LSPs make it easier to complete software localizations because they have the resources at hand to make the localization process easier. They simplify the process by removing the need to hire an experienced translator, and also offset the cost of hiring a translator either part time or full time.

When choosing an LSP for your software localization, make sure they work closely with their clients and translators during every stage of the project. This guarantees that the job will be complete before the manufacturing date, meaning distribution will stay on schedule, giving you a better chance of staying on track and expanding your services as anticipated.

Technovate Translations makes it a golden standard to localize all software translations that we receive to ensure cultural boundaries are respected. This also ensures that organizations using our software localization services get the most for their money, because of the quality control functions that are in place during the production process of our software localizations. We also make it a point to work closely with all of our translators on every translation project. We stay with them every step of the way to make sure our client's requirements are kept in mind. If you're considering an LSP for your software localization, keep us in mind and contact us to find out more information!

The Key to Satisfied Clients

Client Satisfaction Tips Over the years, we've learned some best practices as to how to make the Technovate Translations experience the best it can be. If you're trying to choose a Language Service Provider (LSP) for your next project, take a look at some of things you should consider and inquire about when making your final decision:

Quality Control:
Here's the worst case scenario. You send your document to be translated with all your requirements and your chosen LSP reassures you that everything is okay. You receive your document late, and upon further investigation, realize that the translation is sloppy and not up to standard. What do you do?

To avoid this costly mistake, make sure your LSP gets it right the first time. The process of quickly finding another LSP to fix the mistakes on the first draft of a poor translation can put you behind schedule. Do your homework and thoroughly inspect their websites, talk to their Client Service Representatives and if possible, talk to other people who have done business with them before. Keep in touch with your LSP regularly ensuring your translation is on track and heading in the right direction.

Customer Service Practices:
Is your LSP open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you anytime you need it? Can you contact your LSP in a convenient way over the phone, online through email or live chat, or just through stepping in the door if they are close by? A dodgy LSP is an immediate red flag that deserves attention during the translation process. You need to be confident that your translation project is in good hands through constant communication with your project managers.

First impressions count, so try and get a good feel for the LSP during the initial stages of the project before it's too late. You should be able to get a good idea of how the translation company will handle your translation project just from the initial stages of contact.

Qualified Translators
Language translation companies are only as good as their translators, so be sure to verify the qualifications of the translators working on your projects. There is nothing wrong with seeking information about your translators past projects, education and experience before deciding to hand over your materials to be translated.

You must take measures into your own hands to protect yourself from crooked translation companies that don't do a good job. Technovate Translations works hard to keep our clients happy through accurate translations, excellent customer support, and fast turnaround. We work closely with our translators keeping our clients in mind every step of the way to ensure a successful translation project outcome. Contact us for more information if you ever need it. We're more than happy to assist you with anything you need! Visit us online

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