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Success Story: Technovate Translations Delivers for HI-TEC

Let us share with you our latest translation success story to show you how we can help you, too.

A large international footwear company (HI-TEC) recently worked with us to translate their marketing materials into Chinese. We reached out to the company to provide personalized service, and we offered a highly competitive translation plan designed to meet the company's extremely tight deadlines, some less than 24 hours. During the translation process, we stayed in close contact with the client, and HI-TEC praised us for our exceptional teamwork. We offer all our clients personalized service tailored to your specific needs.

We worked hard to complete HI-TEC's translations by the deadline, staying late at night and working throughout the weekend in close contact with our client.

HI-TEC was thrilled with the results. Not only were we able to beat the deadline on every translation for our client, we also delivered exceptional quality. Our client tested out our work with their associates who are native Chinese speakers, and they reported that our translations were not just top quality but read as well as writing created originally in Chinese. We delivered this quality in many cases in less than 24 hours.

The materials we translated were put into place in HI-TEC's marketing materials, and our client is excited to report that Chinese language customers have provided positive feedback and expressed their thanks for offering marketing materials in their native language.

Technovate Translations is overjoyed that our work has had such a great impact. Our client reports that they plan to use us again for their next translation project. Call us to see how we can offer you the same exceptional service.

5 Tips for a Successful Foreign Business Trip

Today, the need for travelling internationally for business is a fact of life. Every country, region, city and town has its own unique cultural and linguistic nuances, and travelling internationally on business will often take you to a location where English is not the primary language. We have some tips to keep in mind in order to make your next international business trip productive and to help you stand out as an engaged partner.

1. Develop trust
Ask your international partners and contacts to help guide you through the cultural and linguistic nuances unique to your destination. Letting your contacts and partners know that you respect their local knowledge and experience is an excellent way to demonstrate trust, which is essential to strong international business relationships.

2. Be curious
Ask your contacts and partners, when appropriate, about the history and culture of your destination. Show your contacts and partners that you want to know more about them and their location. Demonstrating interest will help you develop your knowledge and effectiveness while operating in your particular destination.

3. Familiarize yourself with local events/news
Being able to engage and discuss current events and news relevant to your destination will allow you to engage your international contacts and partners and show them that you have a deep interest in their lives and culture. Take some time to visit the Google News page relevant to your destination and familiarize yourself with relevant current events before you depart.

4. Make an effort

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Technovate Translations Delivers for HI-TEC.
Let us share with you our latest translation success story to show you how we can help you, too.

5 Tips for a Successful Foreign Business Trip.
We have some tips to keep in mind in order to make your next international business trip productive…

In a Hyper-Connected World Language is Your Only Barrier.
Making an effort to appeal to a global audience, in a variety of languages, gets your business noticed…

Take the advice your contacts and partners provide you with at every available opportunity. If your contacts/partners tell you that there is a cultural/linguistic norm or practice to follow, make sure you follow it, and never pass up the opportunity to participate in a cultural event. Show them that you are willing to make the effort to engage and that you respect their advice and wisdom.

5. Keep an open mind and do your research
The most important thing you can do is to leave your subjective cultural and linguistic experiences at home. Keep an open mind, and make an effort to appreciate every aspect of the culture and language of your destination, no matter how different it is from your own. Additionally, never forget to do your research before embarking on a business trip. With the internet you have an almost limitless directory of experiences and information to learn from.

Following these tips, in combination with some additional research, will allow you to get the most out of your business trip and help you stand out among the competition who fail to engage their international partners and contacts.

In a Hyper-Connected World Language is Your Only Barrier

English is the third most commonly spoken language on earth, with North America, England and Australia providing the majority of native English speakers. However, while in 2012 more than 2 billion people have access to the internet, only 27 percent access it in English. That means any business working only in English is missing out on 73 percent of potential customers.

The adage goes, in marketing and sales, that the broader your audience the greater the likelihood of sales. With a reliable translation service you can take a product or service to a much broader audience, and the first step to the success and growth of any campaign is reaching people.

Establishing yourself internationally offers a variety of benefits. Making an effort to appeal to a global audience, in a variety of languages, gets your business noticed and gives you an edge over competitors who fail to reach out internationally.

However, missing the nuances and unique cultural aspects of a language can be disastrous. A famous story goes that in the 1960s Pepsi wanted to expand its successful North American 'Come alive with the Pepsi generation' campaign to Taiwan. In doing so, Pepsi hastily translated its slogan a little too literally and ended up saying 'Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead.'

While story is told in marketing classrooms to illustrate why an organization needs to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and cultural sensitivity, according to snopes.com fortunately this mix up is almost certainly fictional and never happened to Pepsi. Pepsi had good translators and understood the dangers of a poor translation. With a reliable translation service you can ensure that your business continues to grow and that your message is appropriate for your target audience.

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