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Success Story: Translations that Matter

When 495 Productions needed contract translations done fast and accurately for an upcoming television program, they turned to Technovate Translations and were thrilled with the results. The company wrote to tell us that our work was "amazing"! How did we do it?

It all starts with our clients. 495 Productions casts popular cable and syndicated reality television programs. Casting dozens or hundreds of people at a time can generate a lot of paperwork! 495 Productions needed some contracts translated immediately. Company officials were traveling, and this added pressure to get the contracts translated fast.

495 Productions turned to us to get the job done because our work quality always comes in on deadline. However, there was an added complication. The situation changed, and the company needed the contracts a week earlier than expected. Could Technovate deliver for the new deadline?

Yes! Technovate translators jumped into action and worked around the clock to complete the contract translations before the deadline. Thanks to our proprietary procedures and systems, we were able to adjust our workflow to accommodate the new deadline without compromising quality. We completed the rush order with time to spare and proudly delivered the translated contracts to our client. These translations met our usual high standards for accuracy and readability.

After reviewing the translated contracts, 495 Productions was amazed with the quality of our work and our ability to meet the revised deadline. We're always standing by to help you with the same speedy and high quality translations.

Our Story - Four Years In the Making

As we get ready to enter our fifth year in the translation industry, we think it's a good time to look back at how far we've come.

Technovate Translations began when our parent company, Technovate Inc., commissioned a translation project from a Canadian supplier but received a translation from a third party supplier that lacked quality and strong customer support. We had to have the work redone by another service, and we quickly realized a major problem with the industry, which was dominated by a few larger companies and a multitude of freelancers all running on different systems, most without ERP. Sadly, we felt the customer was not the winner. We quickly realized there was an opportunity in this industry for an organization with our experience.

We launched our company in a cloud environment and continue to improve our ERP to help us manage complex and extremely time-sensitive projects. We have taken on and delivered projects that have included working with in-house translation teams, working on multimillion-word projects, engineering AutoCAD translation projects, and translation of technical manuals just to name a few.

For our first three years, we focused on hiring high-quality translators and tightening our systems. We used that experience this year to take on much larger projects and test our systems and support. Our CEO's dedication to driving sales and improving our project management system has allowed us to handle complex projects with the tightest deadlines, no matter the subject.

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Success Story: Translations that Matter
495 Productions is Amazed by Technovate Translations!

Our Story - Four Years In the Making
As we get ready to enter our fifth year in the translation industry, we think it's a good time to look back at how far we've come.

Popular Languages of 2013
As we move into 2013, we are expecting European languages to increase in demand.

Technovate Translations works tirelessly to ensure that we complete every project we take on with flying colors. We now have a new tag line that sums up how we've grown and changed: "Fuelled by Urgency and Care" says it all. Nothing tells a client that we care more than handling their request immediately, without delay. Nothing gives a client more confidence in us than seeing us skillfully handle an extremely complex project on a tight deadline with our signature quality.

The best compliment we've ever received is that all of our complex project clients remain our clients today and continue to work with us, knowing that we will come through for them time and again.

We're only as good as our quality and systems. We're confident in them, and we'll bet on them every time.

The Most Popular Languages for 2013

As we prepare for 2013, it's time to think about what languages will be most in demand for translation services in the coming year. As we move into 2013, we are expecting European languages to increase in demand as the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone continues to impact international politics and economics.

The European Union is one of the largest economic zones in the world, and the dramatic events surrounding the economic crisis in Greece make it likely that Greek will become a more in-demand language for translation as businesses and governments work to deal with the fallout from the crisis. If Greece should exit the Eurozone, for example, it will be increasingly necessary to translate materials into and out of Greek should that country reestablish its own national currency and withdraw from pan-European economic structures. Even if Greece does not leave the Eurozone, translation into and out of Greek will continue to experience increased demand due to ongoing austerity efforts and the move from public to private enterprise in that country, which present both risks and opportunities for international businesses.

Similar issues in Spain, Portugal, and Italy suggest that these languages will also experience an uptick in translation demand as businesses work to reallocate assets and reassess market positions as a result of the ongoing realignment of these countries' economies.

Additionally, the increasing role of Germany in Eurozone economic affairs, especially in dealing with the Greek crisis, suggests that German is a language to watch for 2013, particularly for businesses planning to expand their penetration of Eurozone markets. With Germany heavily invested in the future of Greece, it may be wise to consider German in addition to Greek when planning translations for the Greek market, not to mention the Eurozone in general.

Overall, the forecast for 2013 seems to suggest that the ongoing issues in the European economy will make European languages more in-demand for translation services as we enter the new year. Visit us online

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