Translator Spotlight: Marvelous Mary

Job: Translator
Professional Languages:
English to French (sometimes French to English for legal documents) and French canadian since I lived in Quebec and Montreal.
Mother Tongue: French
Country of Birth: France
Law degree in law, baccalaureate in philosophy, certificate in psychology and sociology for group, degree in banking and finance. 
Year started translating: (or became official translator)
In 1998,(helped a friend who is a great linguist to translate a book). Become a member of ATA in 1999 and of NAJIT (association of judiciary translator and interpreter)
Why did you choose to be a translator?
 I love detail, writing and communication. 
Year started with Technovate Translations:  2010-2011
Why did you choose Technovate Translations as your employer?
Great communication and trust between project manager and linguist, interesting projects.
How often do you work?
(9am - 5pm, 5 days a week? All day, 5 days a week? 9am - 5pm 7 days a week, etc..)
7 days a week ( depending of the deadline of a project we are working on.
What do you enjoy most about translations? 
The challenge and the curiosity. Translation is not only about translating a language into an another but also to having a good sense to properly interpretat what the client wants to transmit. (Especially for Beauty product's translation) 
What are some things you enjoy doing on your spare time?
Riding my horse and reading.
If you only had a choice of taking 1 item with you to be stranded on an island for months, what would it be?
Water, to be sure to survive.
What is your favorite English word?
 Eloquence ( Beauty and persuasion in speech). 
What would be your choice of dish for your last meal?
 For my last meal ??? forget about the meal where I am going no need  but I will ask for a Bottle of "Veuve Cliquot" ! my favorite champagne, I will die happy and completely in denial of the situation.

Technovate Works with Your Internal Translation Teams

One of the most common reasons potential clients tell us that they don’t need our services is that they already have an in-house translation department. We think it’s great that businesses have in-house translation departments because that means they recognize the importance of communicating with their clients effectively. But an in-house translation department can’t handle everything a business needs to succeed. Almost a quarter of our business comes from working with internal translation teams to enhance their effectiveness.

Depending on the size of the company, partnering with an external translation service like Technovate offers different advantages. Many times the internal division of a smaller firm is only one or two full-time employees who have been given the added responsibility of translating documents after hours or on the weekends, and we can help ease their load. We have also helped when large internal corporate teams have needed an exceptionally large set of documents translated quickly, and their internal team benefited from help with translating part of the document. Just as a utility player on a sports team is there to help in a variety of ways, so too can we help with your company’s translation needs.

The 3 main benefits of internal teams working with us are:

  1. Fast, personalized, and courteous service
  2. Access to more than 5,000 specialized linguists
  3. Overnight and weekend translation service

What’s the biggest difference between Technovate and other agencies?

When you submit a quote or email request, we take the time to call you back. Tired of submitting quotation requests to agencies and not hearing from them? At Technovate, that doesn’t happen. Our account managers take the time to personally touch base with you and follow up almost immediately because we understand we’re in a deadline-driven business.

We have experienced tremendous success working with internal teams on emergency projects or translation projects that need to be delivered over the weekend. All of these projects go through the same stringent quality control standards that are part of all of our translation services. If you have a question or concern regarding a translation project your internal team is undertaking, just contact us and ask. We have the solution for every translation challenge.

Technological Innovations That Will Change Our Future!

The unyielding procession of new technologies and gadgets is evolving on a number of levels. It seems as though the list of the "next best thing" in technology grows longer and longer with each passing day. Although not every gadget unveiled to the public will necessarily change the face of business as we know it, there certainly are a few innovations that are showing great potential to alter the way we work, live and play, particularly when it comes to the realm of communication.
The following are new technologies that look like they've got great potential to improve the way we communicate in business:

MYO Gesture Control Wristband - This unique technology allows users to interact with a variety of digital devices by easing the electrical impulses in your muscles. This gesture-control wristband then transforms such signals into actual commands for anything from your smartphone to your television with the simple wave of your hand!

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 - This smart solar-powered wireless keyboard takes the hassle of connecting to power sources and messy cords getting all tangled up out of the picture. This wireless keyboard automatically connects through a 2.4GHz wireless unifying receiver, making it unnecessary to connect with a cord. The solar battery helps to keep the keyboard powered up for up to 3 months!

Touchscreen Software - Ever since devices such as the iPad have been introduced, showcasing their ability to respond to the simple swipe of a user's finger, we've been fascinated. Now we have the ability to take this technology to a new level, and broaden our capabilities to much more than just a small LED screen.
Ubi Interactive and Microsoft have devised a new software where users can not only project their screen onto any surface - like a wall, countertop or even the floor - they can actually control it with simple taps, much like how you would use an iPad touchscreen.

With so much innovation in the world of communicative technology, the conduction of our daily business activities will no doubt be made increasingly commodious.

What can we translate for you today?
Send us your documents now!


New Update:

We have a New and Improved Information Package!

 We made some changes to our Client Information Package and gave it a fresh new design! Everything you need to know about our services, our systems, and our company can be found here and much more.. so download the new PDF or if you have any requests for any other information to include in our packages, contact us anytime at support@technovate.com

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