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April 2014

In Their Own Words: A Translator Speaks Out on the Technovate Advantage

The projects I work on tend to be medium-term ones (an average of 15,000 source words) which take several days to complete. One of the benefits of a medium-sized project is that you have certainty of work for a relatively extended period; also, you don’t have the main drawback of a big project (30,000+ source words), which is that you may be forced to turn away business from regular clients while working on it.

There are a few issues associated with project length: quality control, level of difficulty and project management. Quality control is one of the biggest issues for long texts, and at some places I’ve worked tight deadlines turn into quality issues raised by the end-client and/or agency. When several different translators work simultaneously on the same project, this can endanger its consistency, accuracy and quality. This is especially true when you’re running on a tight schedule to complete a big translation project with a high degree of difficulty and, on top of everything, there is no translator acting as language lead. The combination of all these factors can be a recipe for failure unless there is a strong project management team in place. This is why I’m proud to work with Technovate Translations, where high quality systems and a detail-oriented staff work to ensure quality, accuracy, and consistency with every translation.

Experience serves as a guarantee for quality and the most important determining factor of translation quality is the expertise of the translator. Unfortunately, many direct clients and outsourcers don't really understand what it takes for a translator to produce a top quality translation, and they just want the translation as quickly as possible, without factoring in quality. Quality-conscious agencies, such as Technovate Translations, know for a fact that quality-focused translators are their most valuable asset because their work needs less editing and leads directly to an increase in sales, repeat business and customer loyalty.

Streamlining Your Company’s Translation Needs

Companies’ needs differ depending on their size. As a company grows, its needs change and growth also changes the way it operates. During a growth phase many companies expand internationally and their marketing must grow as well to appeal to new audiences and new markets. This also means that a company’s translation needs will change.

Streamlining your translation needs with Technovate offers several strategic advantages. Some of our clients have used multiple vendors and didn’t realize the true volume of words they translate on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis until they made the switch to Technovate. Placing all your translation needs under one roof gives you:

  1. Cost savings advantages
  2. Creation of a portal that integrates your translation needs
  3. Creation of “work pools” that specifically work around your needs.

You will always receive great service from Technovate that’s “Fuelled with Urgency and Care!” All of our clients’ orders are fully project managed to help ensure that you receive the maximum benefits from the three points above.

Cost Savings Advantages
We’ve found that many translation clients don’t realize that other colleagues at their company are also ordering translation services from other vendors. This can reduce efficiency and increase costs. If you bring all of your translation needs to us, we can offer a lower volume rate by taking advantage of economies of scale. Speak to your Technovate project manager about the benefits of grouping your company’s translation needs.

Creation of a Portal for Translation Integration
Working from your company’s needs and requirements, we can build a portal that connects your system with ours to give your team the advantage of ordering directly through your own system, detailing exactly what you need, and having the document delivered exactly when you need it. This speeds up production and delivery without compromising on quality.

Creation of “Work Pools” to Work around your Needs
Work Pools” are small groups of translators who have been tested to provide continuity and consistency in stylistic choices and word choice. These translators have been approved to become part of your regular translation provider team. This allows us to translate high volume projects while still project managing every project.

There are real advantages to having Technovate as your preferred translation service provider and sending all of your translation needs to us. Speak to your Technovate project manager and see what a difference we can make with your translation needs

by Marcel Vilanez

The Multi-Faceted Translator

Many people think the job of a translator is an easy one, simply involving the conversion of one word into another of a different language. The truth is, the job of a translator is multi-faceted and requires the translator to be highly educated, skilled in a specific industry, and fluent in multiple languages.

As a translator, our job entails maintaining the exact message and meaning behind the original context while translating into another language as if it were the original. To accomplish this, we must ensure that the sentences flow as well as they do in the original. We take cultural references into consideration, including slang and other expressions. We ensure that industry-specific lingo—including medical, legal, financial and technical—is maintained in order to ensure that no piece of information, however small, is lost in translation.

Translators not only speak both the original and target languages fluently, we also must communicate the original ideas perfectly in the target language. We have the experience necessary to know how any type of document should sound, making even the first draft quite accurate. Before we ever hand over a translated document, we always proofread and edit it to make sure it is as free of flaws as humanly possible.

Since both documents will be read similarly and relied upon similarly in both languages, a translator must possess the necessary writing skills that enable the document to convey the same message with the same tone and manner.

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Our 3 Objectives in 2014
  • Keep our clients satisfied – please keep communicating what you like and don’t.
  • Elevated communication pre-translation with our clients ensures the highest quality.
  • Push to earn all of your translation volume

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