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Novemeber 2014

Dear Client,

The holiday season is upon us. Many companies are taking care of 2015 projects early while other companies try to maximize communication budgets before year-end. At Technovate Translations we’re here to help you with your emergency projects whether they’re large or small. Our project specialists are available to consult with you to handle your project in the most seamless way possible.

We wish our American clients a happy Thanksgiving holiday

3 Ways to Help Localize Your Message for Global Success

As the world becomes ever more globalized, it’s essential to localize your company’s internal and external messages to ensure that they reach the right audience in a way they will understand. Every culture has its own priorities, attitudes, and values, and by appealing to these, the savvy business can increase the effectiveness of its marketing messages, documents, and other communications. If you’re looking to take your message international, there are a few key tips that will help turn your translations into winning international communications.

First and foremost, translate the meaning of the words, not the specific phrasing. Every culture and language has a unique way of expressing sentiments, so you’ll want to make sure you are appealing to them the way they want to be heard. This means using the right idioms and metaphors, and paying attention to the figures of speech and expressions used to convey ideas where you want them to be heard.

Next, have someone with local knowledge review your copy for appropriateness. What might sound good from an academic perspective might turn out to be completely inappropriate to those on the ground. Make sure the words you use sound right and won’t make an unintentional double entendre.

Finally, consider the audience. Every culture has its own preferred way of receiving messages, and the media (and especially social media) popular in each country can vary wildly. Know where you need your message to go!

Other factors can be considered for best practices to go international, but when you have marketing text to deliver; these tips can help you localize your message for effective global impact.

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Translation of Large Multi-Language Projects

In the translation industry, making the winning bid for a large project is a nice prize, and it’s an even bigger reward when making it a large multi-language project. But after we’ve won the business, the big task is still ahead.

Across the translation industry, at least half of translation quality issues come from improper handling of deadlines by the language service provider. Here at Technovate, we’re deliberate about carefully managing every aspect of the project to ensure that it gets delivered on time and with exceptional quality. We frequently deal with high-level technical material on natural resources, chemicals, machinery, legal terms or marketing of these highly technical services.

Yes, we’re translating words, but as a human-powered business interacting with clients, translators and internal teams, managing relationships is essential to creating the type of positive experience our clients want to share with others.

First and foremost, we create a translation team for large projects and we test our translators for the specialized knowledge needed to complete the project. We make certain that they can do the job exceptionally well. We then implement proprietary processes and practices to ensure that each translator delivers what is needed when it is needed so the project stays on schedule. Quality control practices ensure each translation meets or exceeds expectations, and we share information for a translation memory bank and a glossary for project consistency.

In fact, Technovate Translations is so good at delivering large projects on short deadlines that language service providers and independent translators who are unable to provide the volume of work a client needs by the deadline have referred work to us to get it done on time. No matter how technical a project or how fast it’s needed, we do whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality and on-time delivery. That’s why, when you order from us, you can rest assured that:

  1. Every project is handled with both the urgency needed and care required.
  2. You will always get the right translator for your project in terms of training, experience, and subject matter expertise.
  3. We carefully manage every aspect of the translation process to ensure that you always get your project on time.
  4. Our goal every time we undertake a project is to create the kind of experience you’ll want to share with your contacts, because the best compliment we can receive is a client referring their contacts so we can help them too.

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3 Important Challenges to Overcome for Effective Healthcare across Cultures

Healthcare is an enormously complex topic, one made particularly challenging when attempting to secure healthcare services in the face of cultural or language barriers. Whether you’re a healthcare provider facing the challenge of providing service to visitors or immigrants from abroad or you are providing healthcare in a foreign country, improved language services can help tear down barriers so patients and healthcare providers can experience better communication and more positive outcomes.

Language issues are the first and most obvious source of healthcare communication barriers. The most obvious issue is patients who do not speak the same language as their healthcare providers. A subset of this problem is patients who do not speak the healthcare provider’s language as well as they think they do, meaning that some of what the provider is saying gets lost or misunderstood, leading to negative outcomes.

The second most important barrier is cultural. Not every culture shares the same definition of sickness and health, nor does every culture approach medicine the same way. These barriers can lead to miscommunications between healthcare providers and patients, resulting in frustration, anger, or negative outcomes.

Beyond this is the third issue, healthcare literacy. No matter what language a person speaks or what culture he or she comes from, if that person’s reading and writing skills are not strong, that person is unlikely to be educated enough about healthcare to make informed decisions.

Understanding these barriers can help healthcare providers to work with patients to deliver better healthcare and a more positive overall experience.

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2014 Objectives

Provide high value to our clients by...

1. Delivering elite translations every time through our systemized quality control process.
2. Increasing communication during pre-translation phase to ensure the highest quality.
3. Earning all of our clients' translation business.

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Did you know that Chinese is an umbrella term used to describe seven mutually unintelligible but closely related languages? These seven major groupings—Gan, Guan, Kejia, Min, Wu, Xiang, and Yue—are subdivided into many dialects. Guan contains China’s official language, Mandarin, while Yue contains Cantonese, the official language of Hong Kong.


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