Extended Translation Subject Matter Expertise

Website & Software

Website Translation and Software Localization Website translation ready to explore new markets and clients at home and abroad.

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Life Sciences

Life Sciences Translation Services An umbrella subject area with a diverse sub-section of topic areas all complex in nature. Life sciences translation covers the biological and medical sciences. This field of study is essential to the development of new and better ways to enhance life. Our translation specialists hold degrees in the field to better translate this important area.

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Patent Translation

Patent Translation Services The patent process can involve multiple jurisdictions and languages. Patent translation covers the translation of patent filings and associated documentation. Understanding patents is essential for the development of business. We offer different types of patent translation, including full patent translation and summarization. Legal translators with the right background are standing by.

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Academic Translation

Academic Translation Services Academic translation covers the translation of academic and scholarly literature. Academic literature is essential for sharing human knowledge. Our translation specialists have academic experience to better translate this essential area of literature. From academic journals to textbooks to peer review documentation to dissertations, our translators have the right academic background to handle these translations.

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Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical Translation Services The need for pharmaceutical translation at each stage of the process—including scientific, financial, legal, and corporate translation—has become a necessity for doing business in the pharmaceutical industry. Translating pharmaceutical materials requires expertise, not least because of the extreme importance of getting it right the first time every time. Technovate Translations works with a global team of more than 7,000 translation experts with extensive experience translating highly technical and complex documents quickly, accurately, and fluidly. Experience the Technovate difference today.

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Certified Translation

Certified Translation Services The standardized process of translating official government documents for legal purposes. The type of document you need certified are Licenses, marriage certificates, police records, death certificates, divorce decrees, some legal contracts and more. We provide certified translation services in the USA and Canada. Certified Translators are standing by to help ensure your document is approved for governmental purposes.

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e-learning Translation

e-learning Translation Services E-learning covers the growing field of electronic learning, from online coursework to open educational resources. As more learning goes online, this field will only continue to grow. We match your subject with a translator with expertise in the field as well as past patent translation experience. We are ready to delivery your translation in a format that is ready for publication.

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