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Attention Translators - Read Here


Domain name @Technovate.com

We DON'T communicate via WhatsApp, Telegram or free Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail or other

We don't use Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, Latium.org, Fiverr.com

If you are contacted by anyone outside of @technovate.com it's NOT US!

There are internet trolls that are posting projects without a company name on websites like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com and then communicating with translators directly via WhatsApp asking them to do a translation and charging a “levy” or “fee” to be awarded a project upfront and earn a larger amount after delivery of the translation. These trolls send emails from “Gmail.com” accounts or other free email accounts. Do Not Fall For This!!!

If you are a freelancer don't accept any work outside the app you're on!

Technovate Inc. or TechnovateTranslations.com or any website/business associated with us will never charge any translator a “fee” or “levy” to work with us. We also don’t use Gmail accounts when sending emails. Our emails come from either a Technovate.com or TechnovateTranslations.com domain account. We don’t mask our emails to pretend to come from our domain when hoovering over the email address a Gmail or other free email address appears.

Someone may contact you on WhatsApp or by email showing you a logo or signature saying they are a recruiter for a large project looking for translators and then asking for money in one way – DO NOT FALL FOR IT. No legitimate translation company will charge translators to work with them.

If you are in communication with these trolls and it sounds like a scam or if you read the ad and you see something familiar that looks unclear or no website that can be verified legitimately online then report these trolls. We have communicated with Freelancer.com and here are the steps to take when you see posted jobs on Freelancer.com:

1. Go to the user’s profile page.
2. Click Report User on the bottom left part of their profile card.
3. Select a reason for your report, and click Continue.
4. Provide a description of the issue.
5. Click Continue.
6. You will then be notified that your report has been received. Click Done to finish.

By reporting these job postings Freelancer will then investigate the account and close them off so they can't do this to others.

You can also report the WhatsApp number to help others avoid the other freelancers from being targetted. Here are the steps:

How do I report these scammers phone number to WhatsApp?
  1. Open the chat.
  2. Tap on the number, contact or group name to open their profile information.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on the Report Contact or Report Group link.

Let's keep the internet clean for honest business and we can all live our best lives.

We are a leading service in the translation industry in translation quality and working with translators in an open an honest way. If you have received a call or email from someone offering you an opportunity do not fall for it. When you work with us we work from our verifiable email addresses and phone numbers on our website. We don't use Freelancer.com to source our translators so if you get someone contacting you using the Technovate name and it's from Freelancer.com you know it is not a real opportunity. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

Our best,

Technovate Translations