Chinese to English Translation Services in San Jose

Do you live in San Jose or in near vicintiy? Are you looking for a professional translation company?  Do you need your business documents to be translated from Chinese into English? Well, look no further. Our experienced translation teams have knowledge in different fields and can deliver in a short time. We uphold confidentiality; you never have to worry about the security of any material you avail to us for translation. Our rates are among the most competitive, even if we provide the highest quality. We use technology to enhance our speed and quality. Our customers have nothing but good words to say about us; we have ISO certifications to prove to you the high standards of quality, which we have consistently attained over the years. Read on to find more about our translation services.

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Certified translation

Translating documents to be presented to governments and regulatory bodies have to be certified. Certification acts as a legal assurance that the document is the same as the source documents and that no alterations were made during translation. It is done by a recognized translator, who in some cases are also required to show proof of their qualifications. We translate and certify documents such as academic transcripts, memorandum of association, power of attorney, wills, and probates. Whether you are registering your company in a foreign land or on boarding international staff or investors, this service will be useful. It ensures you adhere to all regulatory requirements


Maybe you have an in-house translator, or you translated the document yourself. If you are not sure as to whether the document is accurate, bring it to us for proofreading. We will remove any errors and make sure that the text flows smoothly and communicates the intended message. Our staffs are native English speakers and are sure to point out any typos or offensive material. We also appreciate that the English language has variations in different parts of the world. Whether your target audiences are Americans, British, Australians or South Africans we will appropriate it as desired


Sites are accessible from all over the world. If you are targeting clients beyond San Jose, then avail the content of your website in multiple languages. With just the click of a button, the user should be able to switch between languages. Whether in Moscow, Nairobi, Dublin or San Jose the content should be the same for all users. Web sites are a marketing tool, and we ensure that the tone and language used is captivating and informative. We take great care to guarantee that the website does not lose its functionality and design. We retain the programming language used while developing the site. Our team, who are well versed in matters websites, will guarantee that the websites can switch between different languages without crushing.

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Sector expertise

We have in depth expertise in technical, legal, financial, human resource, retail, and marketing fields. We also can professionally translate documents covering commerce, media, arts, science, medicine, tourism, and telecommunication. Our staff not only has knowledge in these fields but also has undergone rigorous in house training and testing.

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