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English to Chinese Professional Translation Services

English to Chinese translation services is one of the most highly demanded services in the United States and Canada. Whether you have a business interest in China or your target market is the Chinese market, Technovate Translations has the best English to Chinese professional translation services available on the Internet.

Contrary to the thoughts of many, English to Chinese translation is not as easy as perhaps some may think. This explains why the need for Chinese translations have continued to grow rapidly, and why we have decided to introduce one of the most successful Chinese translation companies and services providing the best English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation services.

More and more, agencies, businesses, and even people require Chinese translation services for documents, websites and technical manuals that go with their products manufactured in China. Chinese translation services help connect North American business interests together with Chinese business manufacturing as well as the largest consumer market in the world.  Our experience is extensive in translation of technical documents and final project delivery from architectural designs to engineering documents to legal contracts.

In the Chinese language, there are two major dialects, Mandarin and Cantonese. In the written word there are two forms of the written word Simplified Chinese (mainly targets Mandarin speaking areas) and Traditional Chinese (areas where Cantonese is spoken). When it comes to Mandarin, there are so many dialects as well as changes in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. Due to differences in language syntax, the order of word and sentence has to be re-arranged. Cantonese is mostly spoken by those residing in the Guangdong area and Hong Kong. Since the Chinese language is mostly anchored on meaning as opposed to formal cohesion, it can usually appear abstruse or ambiguous when translated verbally into an English to Chinese translation. This is a problem that can only be corrected by an expert in English to Chinese translation services, and that expert is none other than Technovate Translations.

If your text, document, marketing item or website is translated in a manner that is not appropriate, it can lead to many tough situations with one being losing business. This is why Technovate only works with translators with at least 5 years’ experience. We also work with the ISO 17100 certification which ensures the standard of translation and the methods used meet the highest standards in the industry. You can rest assured that your translation project is in good hands.

As a provider of English to Chinese professional translation services, we have translated thousands of documents for product materials, computer technology manuals, documents for financial institutions, and much more. It does not matter which area you are working in; we will give you the best English to Chinese translation or Chinese to English translation at a competitive rate. Weather it is medical, IT, legal or a financial document, we will give you the best Chinese translation services.

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