English to French translation services in Boston

Boston City, Massachusetts is home to people of different cultures who speak different languages. This diversity has led to the rise of translation companies to help individuals and businesses communicate with the emerging global markets. We are a unique translation company, we are fast and accurate, and our previous clients can attest to that. Our staff has intense training in translation and is also knowledgeable in different subject areas. Your company is assured of quality without breaking the bank. Our translation rates are affordable, and we offer ISO 17100 translation quality and friendly service. If for some reason you're not satisfied with the translated document, we will work with you to make sure that everything works out just right for you and your company.

English to French Translation – Parisian or Canadian? Discuss with us today!

We handle all formats of documents: Excel, word, pdf, HTML, web pages, drawings, and the translated text will be in the same format as source document unless stated otherwise.   Our ISO certifications are a testament to our high standards of quality. We understand how sensitive your data is and we go to great lengths to secure it. We respect that time is crucial, and will always stick to deadlines. We also translate important documents with tight deadlines.   We also provide proofreading services, send us your French document already translated and we’ll ensure that it has been properly translated and there are no errors.  We provide the following industries:

Technical translation services

We provide accurate translation to manufacturing and engineering industries. Whether it is chemicals, construction, infrastructure, automobiles, garments we have the right pool of translators to translate your documents. Our expertise covers operating manuals, maintenance manuals, product catalogs, technical drawings, patents, specifications, data sheets, pre sales contents, user manuals and safety manuals. We also translate websites, software, HR documentation, marketing content for manufacturing firms.

Technical Manuals are our sweet spot – let us translate yours today!

Marketing translation services

We not only translate your marketing material, but we ensure that it resonates with the global market. We localize your document to fit in each region; we also use the particular dialect in question. We understand that the French used in Canada is not the same as French spoken in Europe and will translate with the target audience in mind. We translate brochures, brand content, leaflets, social media campaigns, print advertisements, marketing campaigns, press releases, and websites. We transform your English document into creative content that engages the end customer and improves your brand's visibility.

Financial translation services

Our translators have in-depth financial expertise, ensuring that your documents are translated accurately and precisely. We treat financial documents with confidentiality and we will not disclose them to any third parties.  We cover Finance, accounts and audit documents such as annual reports, initial public offers, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, auditors' reports, prospectus, letters of credit and tax reports.

Gain peace of mind and let us quote on your translation today!

Official translation services

We also translate official government records. We will certify and notarize the translated document if a customer requires the extra service. Governments, government agencies, schools, hospitals, banks may need official documents to be translated and notarized before accepting them. We translate and certify academic transcripts, customs documents, driver's licenses, birth certificates, contracts, medical records, adoption papers leases, and wills. Official documents must be accurately translated and held in confidence.

Other translation services cover media, retail, hospitality, and telecommunication sectors. Contact us today to order your translation!