English to French translation services in Chicago

Chicago's population comprises of people of different races and ethnicities. While English remains the official language, not everyone living in Chicago speaks English. For a business, the question is not whether but rather how to reach out to the non-English speaker. Translation of advertisements, warranties, product information and packaging into the desired language is one way to penetrate the market. If your firm employs French speakers, you have to translate employee handbooks, contracts, and safety manuals into French. 

Websites, software, and Legal, medical, commercial, financial and marketing documents require translation.   For global markets documents that are translated include product specifications, manuals, patents, and brochures. The translator acts as a bridge between you and your customer and employees. They should be reliable, fast and confidential. Other desirable qualities of a translator are;


The cost of translation should be within the market range. Compare a couple of translator's before settling on one. Luckily most provide quotes on the website letting you have a rough estimate of how much it will cost you to translate. Shorter deadlines and same day services cost more. Select a translator who offers additional services such as proofreading for free.

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Before committing to a translator ensure you seek recommendations from colleagues and peers. Ask whether anyone has ever used an individual provider and how the process turned out to be. There are online reviews as well, to help you choose a reliable translation company.

Qualified staff

Ideally, the staff working for English to French Translation Companies should have experience handling translation for the particular market or language you are targeting. The translation team should also have sufficient translation experience.  They should possess technical know-how in different fields. A translator of legal documents, for example, should have a law background. The company should also provide 24/7 customer support.


The translated document should be 100% correct; it should communicate the exact message as the original text. It should be proofread to check for grammar errors or sentence construction mistakes. Before it's passed to the customer, a second person in the company should go through it to ensure that it's free of any grammatical or logical errors.

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Translation memory allows companies to save on their translation costs. At the same time Translators can save time in translation. This technology continues to improve and allows for a team to work together all while keeping consistency and costs down.

File Formats

Business documents come in various forms. Excel, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML are among the most popular. The translator should be able to work in any format regardless of whether it's a soft copy or hard copy. Maintain the same formatting in the translated documents such as tables, bullets, and numbering. If you require a print ready document, the translator should be able to provide.


Most customers send their translation documents online. This can expose the channels to hackers. Protect against leakage from both internal staff and external attacks. Especially for financial and legal documents.

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