English to French Translation Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures; its geographical location says nothing of the diversity of its inhabitants. Not everybody speaks English, small, medium and large businesses have to communicate to their customers in different languages. All sectors of the economy have business documents that need to be translated, so as to reach global audiences.

Media and Art

Media outlets, bloggers, websites relay information to a diverse audience every day. While major media organizations such as CNN or BBC may have a Spanish desk with Spanish speaking journalists, a food blogger may not have the expertise but still wants to reach Spanish readers. Whether it is a corporate communication, tweet,   press release, news articles, or a face book post, the information should be accurate and timely. Work with a translator, who assures of quick translation, before the information becomes stale. Museums also have to translate their exhibition catalogs, descriptions, notices and announcements as they receive visitors from all over the world. A tourism department handling diverse clients must prepare their leaflets and brochures in a language understood by tourists.

Hospitality and Travel

The hospitality and travel industry has one of the most diverse clientele. Every day millions of people travel for business and leisure. Los Angeles is a major transport, entertainment, and business hub, and people move in and out of the states from all over the world.  Airlines, hotels, taxis, travel agencies and car rentals interact with clients who speak various languages. Airlines need to translate their menus, safety instructions, tickets, boarding passes, and websites. Hotels have to translate signs, websites, menus, brochures, and terms & conditions to ensure that they can communicate with their clients. The translation should be accurate, professional and pleasant, as it represents a brand.


Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States.  Businesses and organizations operating out of LA are most likely serving areas beyond the state.  To get an even bigger share of the national and international market you have to be able to communicate in the main languages for the diverse clients, employees and government agencies.  Tenders, contracts, business correspondences, warranties, employee handbooks, insurance, licenses, performance assessment reports, agreements, power of attorney, human resource documentation, proposals, and request for quotations. Commercial documents are usually a combination of financial and legal documents and should be translated as accurately as possible. Care should be taken to ensure that the documents remain sensitive to the different cultures.

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Marketing and Public relations

Competing in a foreign market is fierce especially if competing against local companies. How do you ensure they select your product? Marketing and advertising will inform potential customers about your business. Translating advertising copies, branding materials, brochures, press releases, print advertisements, product catalogs, promotional material, social media campaigns, direct mail, emails, websites, and blogs are important. Ensure that the translation uses the right words and tone that the target clients will find captivating. Be culturally sensitive; do not use words or symbols that offend the local populace.

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Driving sales figures is the most important objective of all retailers. If you are lucky and your brand is already recognizable all over the world, you must continue to promote the business actively. To capture the global markets' attention, communicate to each region in a language and fashion they understand and accept. Websites, social media campaigns, labels, packaging, pricing and product sheets should be provided in local language and currencies.

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