English to French translation services in San Jose

San Jose in California is home to a diverse population; Whites, African Americans, Hispanics and Asians constitute the city's population. English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German and tens other languages are spoken in the city. We carry out translation services in San Jose and other cities around the USA. We also respond to international translation requests. We have extensive expertise in the following fields:


Commercial enterprises conduct business in and out of San Jose. This calls for the provision of business documents in languages that the target market speak. Foreign investors' are also putting their money into American companies. They too require reports and updates on their local languages.  Among the documents we translate are tax documents, trade negotiations, bids, tenders, mergers, acquisitions, contracts, agreements, memorandum of association, and human resource documentation.


Information technology, manufacturing, and engineering fields' have different translations needs. They have terminologies that must be accurately translated. Translators are also required to have knowledge on technical subjects. Accuracy is necessary to ensure that the end user, especially in foreign markets, understands how to use or sell the product. Technical documents include technical drawings, operating & technical reports, specifications, blue prints, user manuals, data sheets, pre-sales content, plans, patents and safety guides.

Technical translations are always difficult but our proprietary systems ensure a picture perfect translation ever time!


Big corporations have a legal department to handle their legal affairs and those who don't usually have a lawyer on call. Buy outs, Mergers and acquisitions involve a lot of legal documentation and correspondences between the different parties. When dealing with a French company, we will translate the following documents for you: agreements, patents, copyrights, and contracts. If caught up in a legal storm, we translate court interpretations, rulings, proceeding, witness statements, wills and probates.

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Globalization has expanded the market size for advertising agencies, public relations practitioners, and marketers. The customer's demographics have changed considerably, and so has his location. The emergence of global audiences requires marketers to communicate in languages other than English. Adapt the translated material making it unique and captivating. Examples of marketing materials that are translated include print advertisements, brochures, websites, marketing campaigns and social media content.


Government agencies provide services to residents and nonresidents. The San Jose population speaks different languages. The government agency is mandated and obligated to serve all the citizens. Resident applying for licenses, making complaints, or paying for amenities do not always speak in English. Communicating with other governments also require the use of foreign languages. Gazette notices, treaties, bills, notices, tenders, bids, arrest warrants, job vacancies, by laws and the Constitution can be translated on behalf of government bodies.

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Financial documents are translated with high accuracy and should be a replica of the source document. Financial experts are involved in this sensitive translation to ensure it adheres to the format and finance reporting guidelines. We translate annual reports, investment policies, bank statements, invoices, and receipts.


Stores are opening branches in other states and countries. Product Catalogs, employee handbooks, adverts, signage, return policies and websites are translated into the local language.

Regardless of the document, you would like to translate; we will do it in the quickest time possible. The work is proofread to ensure that it's free of any errors. Our staff is highly professional and has vast experience in translation.

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