English to French translation services in Washington DC

Washington DC is a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population. The capital of the USA is home to embassies, courts, museums, the White House and congress. Immigration and globalization have significantly contributed to creating more diverse populations. To enhance communication and collaboration there is a need to personalize content for all necessary languages in DC. Whether in government or private sector, everybody deserves service in a language they fluently understand. The mushrooming of translation companies has not made it any easier for customers. Separating the wheat from the chaff is a challenge, almost all companies have a glitzy website, promising to do excellent work.

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If you are seeking English to French translation services in Washington DC, ensure that the translation company has a top notch reputation. Check their previous works, call their former customers to make sure that your translation is in capable hands, a background check will also inform you whether the company respects their deadlines. Expertise in a particular subject is also a critical consideration if your law firm wants to translate their witness statements into French, work with a law translation expert. Subject experts enhance the accuracy and quality of the translation. Translators should also have the necessary qualification and experience in translation. Native French speakers are preferred because of their mastery of language.

Financial, medical and government records are private information, and yet you may need to translate them. If you count public figures and celebrities as your clients, you don't want their bank statements being splashed on TMZ or any tabloids. Translation companies should provide absolute discretion. We sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients to reassure them that their data is secure and protected. Applications for patents and other proprietary information should also be held in confidence, if this leaks to competition, the company may potentially lose millions.  Translators should pay careful attention to customer care and be available to handle requests and changes every step of the way.

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Translation of legal documents is sensitive; errors in translation can lead to serious consequences. Ensure the translation is a mirror of the source document. Affidavits, summons, judgments, patents, rulings, will, probates and copyrights are some of the legal documents that we translate. Certification is sometimes required for legal documents.  Upon translating a document, a translator will provide a signed statement showing that the information is correct and was carried out by a qualified and competent translator. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, leases, divorce decrees, visas, passports, academic transcripts all required to be certified when translated.

Financial documents that we translate include business plans, insurance claim forms, income statements, bank statements, balance sheets, tax reports, auditor's report and income statements. They should be accurate as any slight change distorts the entire document. The translation should keep all formatting in the source document. Be aware of financial reporting standards of the target audience and adhere to them. Medical and scientific translation is done for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and patients. Medical records are also considered private and should not be revealed to any third parties. The translation should be accurate and use appropriate terminology for the target market. We translate prescriptions, research findings, pamphlets, patients records and laboratory results.

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