English to Spanish Translation Services in Chicago

Chicago, America's third most populous city has a population of nearly 3 million. The vibrant economy attracts businesses and people to the city for work, business and play. Retail, manufacturing, publishing, entertainment and food processing, forms the backbone of this economy. The diverse workforce and populace create a challenge to most businesses. They no longer can run a single major campaign in English; they have to use other languages as well. Business documents have to be translated to the target client's language.

Translation covers all industries. They include documents of the following nature: Legal, financial, medical, industrial, retail, hotels, marketing, technical, government, media, entertainment and the private sector. It includes translation of documents in hard copy formats and soft copy formats i.e. PDF, word documents, and power point presentations. Examples of documents that require translation for global markets are websites, brochures, catalogs, annual reports and financial statements. Legal documents include legal transcripts, contracts, copyrights, agreements, court orders witness statements, application of patents, wills, and  probates, Commercial documents include operating manuals, product specifications, safety manuals, blueprints, emails, tenders, advertisements, insurance, product warranties, and website.

When selecting a company to translate your important business documents, look out for the following significant factors:

ISO 17100 Certifications

Ensure that the translation company you work with has industry certifications. The certifications may vary from country to country, but ISO is an internationally recognized standard. ISO 9001 spells out the criteria for attaining quality consistently. If a translation company has achieved this standard, it means they have consistently been able to satisfy their customers, while adhering to regulatory standards. ISO 17100 is specific to the translation industry. It guides translators on how to deliver quality output. Medical documents like drugs leaflets, for example, must be of high quality, any errors in translation are life threatening to patients taking medication.

Certified translation

Legal and official documents when translated need to be certified and in other cases notarized. Certifications indicate to the receiving government body that the translation is accurate. It also serves to show that the translator is sufficiently qualified to carry out an accurate translation. It applies to documents such as birth certificates, medical reports, adoption papers witness statements and marriage certificates. Immigration documents also require to be certified.


Legal and financial documents are usually sensitive. Applications for patents are top secret, if translating it, keep it confidential. It usually has proprietary information which rival companies may use to their advantage. An early leak of a company's losses may create panic among shareholders. One way to reassure your customers that their documents are safe is signing nondisclosure agreements between you and the clients. Put security measures in place to protect hard and soft document formats


If an advertising agency approaches you to translate a press release that goes out the next day, then you should deliver it on time. If a document is large, put together a team to expedite the translation. Same day services though costly are used for important documents. We honor deadlines and communicate any expected delays in advance. Time sensitive documents include news articles, announcements, summons, and notices.

Accuracy has you frustrated? Let our ISO 17100 certified firm translate for you!