English to Spanish translation services in San Jose

San Jose is a located in California. It is the economic and cultural hub of Silicon Valley. San Jose is home to major technological and engineering power houses. The city is culturally diverse; even the city's name is a Spanish word meaning Saint Joseph. The tech companies attract employees and investors from all over the world. Translation is an essential service to the residents of San Jose, especially in the following fields

IT Translations

Cisco, eBay, Brocade Communications, Western Digital, IBM, Adobe Systems and hundreds of other tech startups are situated in Silicon Valley. These IT companies supply hardware and software to the whole world, which requires translation to all the major languages. The translation should not lose the original meaning. Software that requires translation and localization include; Mobile applications, operating systems, games, business to business applications, E-commerce platforms, databases, anti-virus software, packaging and labeling for hardware, data sheets, and product manuals. Translations services are also required during development, implementation, and upgrading of networks and systems. Translation is done by professionals who have in depth knowledge in IT and a keen eye for detail to attain 100% accuracy.  IT Terminology is appropriated into the local languages while remaining culturally sensitive.

IT translation requires specific subject knowledge – we have it!

Legal translation

There is a high demand for translation of legal documents from English to Spanish. American companies doing business with Spanish companies need contracts, agreements, licenses, memorandum of understanding, joint ventures terms translated into local languages. San Jose produces the highest number of patents in the USA. The thousands of patents and copyright applications also need translation. Legal processes involving non-English speakers require companies to seek translation of legal transcripts, court orders, witness statements, affidavits, power of attorney and judgments.

Legal translation is technical and complex – let us simply it for you!

Financial Translation

Financial translation is provided for financial corporations, finance departments and banks. Translations standards should be high and consistent. Translators should have extensive knowledge in finance. Financial documents that businesses will require to be translated into other languages are Bank statements, stock reports, annual reports, bids, tenders, LPOs, check books and merger & acquisition documentation.

Financial reports are detailed and require understanding of terms – let us show you!

Life sciences translation

Documents in health care and scientific fields are also translated from English to Spanish. Health care serves patients of different ethnicities. Pharmaceuticals distribute drugs all over the world. Scientists are collaborating with their peers from other regions to pioneer cutting edge research. To enable our clients to reach global market and audience we translate the following scientific and medical documents: Clinical trials documents, leaflets, brochures, medical equipment manuals, journals, patents, packaging, labels, prescriptions and patient records. Quality and data security are crucial; the information should not be divulged.

Commercial translation

Businesses and corporations produce and dispatch hundreds of documentations in their day to day activities. The business documents that we translate from English to Spanish include bids, tenders, insurance, agreements, minutes, warranties, employee handbooks, contracts, brochures, and reports. It should be accurate, confidential and translated on time.

Translation is also done for sectors such as Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Art, Travel and Government agencies. Provide the service at reasonable cost, do not compromise on quality and keep customers data confidential.  We also provide round-the-clock support to customers and strictly adhere to set deadlines.

Count on Technovate for ISO 17100 Certified Business Translation!