French translation in Seattle

We offer French and business translation services in Seattle, Washington. We have an experienced team of translators with expertise in different subject areas. Only native French speakers work on translating your documents to French. Our many years in business have set us apart from the competition and earned us an excellent reputation. We understand that French dialect is not the same all over the world, and we will localize your content depending on the target audience. We are inexpensive, accurate and strive to translate in the shortest time possible. To send us your documents for translation you can send by post, fax, email or upload the paper to our site. We accept different file formats, go ahead and upload your document, we will translate it, without losing the original formatting. We offer the following translation services:

Certified translation

Official and legal documents are always certified after they have been translated. Certification is necessary to prove that the translation was done by a competent and qualified translator, it also serves to confirm that the document has been accurately translated. In other cases, the document must be notarized by a notary public. We are precise, flawless and competent and will translate and certify documents such as Visas, passports, birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, academic transcripts and adoption papers. We provide a signed certificate of accuracy along with the translated document.

Legal translation

Legal documents are sensitive, and translation must be done by experts, with a thorough understanding of the law. Accuracy and confidentiality are vital when translating legal documents. Any mistranslation may lead to legal battles with grave consequences to the company. The document should be a mirror copy of source document.  An example of legal documents that we translate are affidavits, lawsuits, summons, rulings, discovery testimony and documentation, witness statements, wills, probates, power of attorney, contracts, and agreements.

Marketing translation

Globalization has opened bigger, more diversified markets to businesses. Electronic commerce has also exposed the customer to thousands of alternative shops. How do you then ensure that the clients select your product in a fiercely competitive market? Carry out marketing campaigns in local languages, tailor the content to specific target markets and ensure you remain sensitive to local cultures. We translate websites, brand content, leaflets, brochures, press releases, social media content and marketing campaigns.

Government translation

Governments at all times need to communicate with individuals, corporations, businesses, communities, government agencies and foreign governments. Language has hindered access to government information; we help you overcome this restriction by translating government documents such as treaties, agreements, Gazette notices, civic education, websites, and speeches.

Medical and scientific translation

Translation of medical and scientific materials should be done accurately without losing the technical content. Experts with medical and scientific backgrounds will translate your work; we keep it error free and confidential. We understand that a slight change in meaning may harm the company's reputation and even harm a patient's life. We work with healthcare providers, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. Patients records, prescriptions, labels, packages, medical equipment operator's manual, leaflets, brochures, patent application and discharge sheets are among the documents we can translate for you.

We also translate financial, manufacturing, computing and engineering documents.