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Italian to English translation services in Boston

Translating from any language to English is best done by native English speakers. We provide excellent Italian to English translation services using native speakers, who have the industry specific expertise and have experience in translating for businesses. Our translation process is not complete until a Quality Control (QC) translator has reviewed the translation. QC translators check whether there are any errors that were overlooked by the original translator. For large complex documents, we bring together a pool of experts so as to ensure your work is translated accurately in the shortest time possible.

Legal translation

When translating legal documents, the customer needs assurance of 100% accuracy. Leaving out a part of the source document may cause serious harm. It may lead to the patent applications being rejected, loss of property, the arrest of an individual, lawsuits and financial losses. Translators must adhere to statutory and legal requirements of foreign governments and cultures. Our translators have high legal and education training, and will comfortably translate the following documents: Legal transcripts, contracts, agreements, court orders, witness statements, copyrights, patent applications, summons, affidavits, probates, wills, and judgments.

Large or small our translation firm can translate your document!

Medical translation

Health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies require translation of medical documentation. Whether it's a doctor treating foreign patients, or a doctor collaborating with foreign doctors on a complicated medical case or companies distributing drugs all over the world we accurately and securely translate their documents. Among the medical documents that we translate are scientific research literature, laboratory results, diagnosis reports, prescriptions, patient's records, medical equipment manuals, consent forms, waivers, discharge sheets, admission forms, labels and packages of drugs.

Commercial translation

Commercial translation targets documents that businesses generate and dispatch on its day to day running. They include correspondences to government agencies, clients, distributors, and regulators. They include tenders, bids, mergers and acquisitions, insurance forms, contracts, agreement, memorandum of associations, power of attorney and tenders. They should be accurately translated and should adhere to the required formats.

Software translation

Software companies sell software around the world. The software must be translated and localized into different languages. We translate user interfaces, menus, dialog boxes, help, documentation, agreements, terms & Conditions, websites, and updates. Maintain appropriate technical jargons in the translated software.

Technical translation

Automotive, telecommunications, electronics, machinery, IT industries have technical documentation that is translated that need to be translated into major world languages. We work with you to ensure that you reach global markets, increase your brand's viability and satisfy your customer's needs. Our Translators have extensive technical knowledge and will help you translate: operating manuals, specifications, pre sales content, user manuals, catalogs, data sheets, technical drawings, OEM manuals, safety instructions, technical reports and employee's handbook.

Technical translations are always difficult but our proprietary systems ensure a picture perfect translation ever time!

Marketing translation

Advertising is no longer confined to the traditional local markets. E-commerce and globalization have greatly expanded markets for all businesses. Customers are spread all over the world each with unique cultural practices. Adverts have to be translated and adapted to suit the local market. Translators must remain sensitive to cultures, using terms that are deemed as offensive will lead to a decline in sales and damages the brand's reputation.  Websites, brochures, leaflets, press releases, tweets, Facebook posts are some of the marketing tools we translate from Italian to English.

Is your freelancer never around when you need them? Let us help!