Italian to English translation services in Chicago

Italian Translation ServicesCompanies seeking Italian translation services require a service that is of high quality, delivered on time and in the right format. A reputable company will hire professionally experienced linguists, to ensure consistency in the quality of the translation works. When translating from Italian to English, the translators should be a native English speaker. The translation goes beyond changing an Italian word to its English equivalent. It entails understanding the logical meaning of the text and relaying the same in the desired language. It's ensuring that both the English and Italian readers get the same message.

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Italian is spoken mainly in Europe and all over the world by people of Italian descent. English is mostly spoken in America and Britain. Individuals, businesses, government agencies, and organizations seek translation services for their documents and software. Quality and accuracy are required when translating the following document types:

Legal Documents

Legal documents include court summons, lawsuits, and copyrights, application of patents, agreements, wills, probates, power of attorney, witness statements, leases, trademarks, mergers, and affidavits. Legal documents are sensitive and critical and should be held in confidence. Courts, prosecutors, lawyers, and police use the materials to build cases. A company secretary or owner requires legal documents such as agreements, contracts, and articles of association in their day to day running. Translation of legal texts should be 100 % accurate. An omission may send the wrong person to jail or lead to rejection of a company's patents. The translators should possess legal knowledge. Some legal documents require certification and notarization to meet regulatory requirements.

Legal translation is technical and complex – let us simply it for you!

Financial Documents

Initial public offers, bonds, securities, financial statements, tax, profit, and loss statement and letters of credit constitute financial documents. Usually translated for shareholders, customers, public and regulatory bodies. Accuracy and confidentiality are key considerations when translating financial documents.

Technical Documents

Manuals, user guides, proposals, data sheets, warranties, technical drawings, technical reports and applications for patents make up technical documents. Translators should be knowledgeable in a particular technical field.  Provide fast, high-quality translation in the format requested by a customer.

Technical translations are always difficult but our proprietary systems ensure a picture perfect translation ever time!

Manufacturing Documents

English to Italian Translation ServicesOperating manuals, safety handbooks, product manuals, warranties, product specifications, data sheets and pre sales content are some of the manufacturing documents that are translated for businesses. They guide the user on how to assemble and use a product for example how to setup a new printer. It should be accurate to help the novice user achieve his goal. Use the correct French terms and dialect as the target audience.

Medical Documents

The stakes are very high when it comes to translating medical documents. It can mean the difference between life and death. For this nature of texts, use staff with in-depth medical knowledge.  Examples are medical records, consent forms, packaging, leaflets, labels, drug leaflets, and websites. Medical documents are to be protected, as they touch on sensitive personal information. Sign nondisclosure agreements to assure clients of confidentiality.

Commercial documents

As translators, maintain high levels of confidentiality, provide 24/7 customer support and possess adequate qualifications and experience. Commercial documents include insurance policies, contracts, tenders, warranties, and brochures. Translators may use the computer aided translation for commercial documents because they are large and repetitive.

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