Language Interpretation Services

Our language interpretation service helps companies stay connected and helps them communicate to accomplish their company goals. We have a vast network of subject matter experts that can interpret for you.

One great benefit of working with us is that all our language interpretation services are delivered in any format you might want them in, including simultaneous, consecutive, telephone, conference or even sign language. This explains why we have been classified as the best provider of language interpretation services.

All the interpreters that we work with at Technovate Translations are graded on their individual linguistic ability, technical experience, and their industry experience. We also carefully check the right dialects to be able to assign your project to the most competent interpreter. Our interpreters have undergone a proper training and graduated with all the necessary qualifications. Besides that, they hold extensive experience in providing language interpretation services in various industry fields. We have been able to work with a wide range of industries all the way from legal companies to medical firms, and even government bodies.

Our unchanging vision has been to facilitate communication in a world that has continued to change and advance. As one of the best language interpreting companies, we have a strong belief in possibility, growth, and progress. We are always very close to our customers, and this has enabled us to understand their businesses and lifestyles and provide them with the best language interpretation services.

In all our projects, we only work with the best interpreters. Our interpreters will always remain impartial and convey the messages as faithfully and accurately as they can. This is the only way we can ensure that we give you the best service that you need. We are always committed to advancing the technology that we use so that we can continue offering efficient language interpretation services to all our clients.

Before you decide on which language interpretation service you might need from us, here are some of the few things you need to know about what we provide.

Consecutive Interpreting – This is, perhaps, one of the most common types of face-to-face interpreting, and is applicable in both formal and informal conventions. Before interpreting for the audience, the interpreter waits for a break in conversation.

Telephone interpreting – This option is good when you there are no interpreters that can be physically present at your meeting and get similar results.

Simultaneous interpreting – This is where the interpreter speaks while listening simultaneously to what is said next.

Conference Interpreting – In most cases, a conference interpreter will interpret simultaneously to the audience with the help of special audio equipment.

Ad hoc Interpreting – This is where the interpreter makes an effort to interpret some of the most pertinent points that the speaker makes.

These are some of the services we will offer you when you bring your language translation project to us. Talk to us today.

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