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Legal Translation Services

Translations that are specialized are not as simple as some might think, they can be very complex. They need specific abilities and industry knowledge from a professional translation service provider. Legal translations fall into the technical and specialized field.

Legal translation requires a translation agency to ensure several variables are taken care of in order to translate a legal document properly. The translator must have a translation degree as well as legal training and understanding. Additionally, the Quality Control Translator must have the same to ensure that the translation is correct. Our company follows the ISO 17100 standard which is the highest certification in the industry. You can trust your translation with Technovate.

When it comes to providing legal document translation services, we are definitely the best you can hire. We have been able to deliver litigation support and document translation for so many complex legal matters that have been brought before us. We have also been able to handle multilingual and large-scale legal translation projects all within our quality ISO standard.

For the most accurate and time-sensitive legal translations, we have managed to become the leading choice for most international law firms as well as other in-house legal teams. We are consistently improving over the years and constantly vet our legal translators as well as the proprietary Quality Assurance workflow that we work with.

At Technovate Translations, we offer legal translation services for agreements, contracts, and discovery documents, patent translations as well as compliance documentation; all for simple and complex projects.

For litigation and other related issues, we have the capacity to translate foreign language documents that include technical documents, business correspondence, and electronically stored data, among others. With our certified translators and dedicated project managers, we will apply all our resources and experience to have the job done in quick time and within your budget. With our patent translation services, we have been able to help several legal entities win the trust of their clients and continue providing the best services.

All the translators that we work with must first be the natives of the target language and must also have years of proven experience in legal translation services. We also understand the importance of confidentiality and security that is in the legal industry. Therefore all disclosed data, written and oral information sources, and all ideas are handled with the confidentiality that they deserve. We also recognize the fact that the safeguarding of propriety information and other privileged documents needs legally binding non-disclosure safeguarded premises and agreements, networks as well as servers.

Get in touch with us today and experience the best when it comes to legal translation services.