Medical Document Translation Services

Medical translation is a specialized type of translation and requires a specific type of translator with either educational experience or medical translation experience. Medical translation requires a deeper level of understanding of technical documents and at Technovate we’ve translated over 1,000 medical translation projects for pharmaceuticals, insurance companies, medical device manuals, as well as RFPs in the medical industry.

One of the reasons why you should work with us is the fact that we are a fully certified medical and technical translation company. When it comes to medical document translation services, we are the best there is. This means that you can be confident when you hire us to translate your medical document in the life science sector.

Our customer care is so important to us to ensure our client satisfaction. Our clients continue to be happy which is why most of our clients have keep coming back to order again and again. We use the ISO 7100 certification to translate medical documents to ensure accuracy. We only work with translators with particular experience and track record that we can trust to ensure they are the best suited to translate your company’s medical documents.

When you bring your project to us for professional translation services, rest assured that you would have the best service. At Technovate Translations, we have our own dedicated and experienced project manager that will take care of all medical translation projects that are brought before us. Clinical research organizations, pharmaceutical firms, organizations involved with producing surgical and medical devices, biotech companies, and healthcare executives require translations of some of their most sensitive and confidential documents. At Technovate Translations, we will do this with the reliability and accuracy that it deserves. Our main objective is to give all our clients the highest degree of service, and that’s exactly what we will give you.

There are a number of other benefits that you will also enjoy when you bring your project to us. You will have total confidentiality and effective turn-around time with all your medical contents. As stated earlier, medical document translation service is not an easy one. To ensure a professional translation service, the right terminology and medical language must be adhered to. As a way of adapting perfectly to a company- or industry-specific language, we work with pre-defined translation terminologies or glossaries. Technovate Translations is a dedicated translation firm that will offer you not only effective medical translations but also one that is of top quality.

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