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Medical Translation Services

Medical translation services are one of the most demanding domains of translations. Understanding the source materials and being able to communicate them to the target language in an appropriate manner is of great importance. This is the only way you can guarantee that lives of people are not at any risk. Trust Technovate Translations with your medical translation needs.

We have a list of high profile pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of medical equipment that we have helped repeatedly. Quality medical translation service needs both technical precisions as well as an impeccable linguistic accuracy. For all the medical translation services that we provide, we only work with professional translators who are fully engaged in the pharmaceutical or medical field on a daily basis. These individuals are highly educated medical translation professionals who have a background of operating within the entire medical system. All of them have wide experience in certain subject matters, which is why we’re able to translate your company’s medical documents.

In order to make sure that all our customers receive the best services that they deserve, our editors and translators are thoroughly tested to determine their competence and qualifications. One of the great advantages of trusting Technovate Translations with your medical translation service is that we use the ISO 17100 certification as a basis to translate these. We have translated countless documents for pharmaceutical firms, CROs, established drugstores, national resellers of various medical equipment, manufacturers and developers of medical equipment, as well as local representatives of companies that are involved in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and medical products. We are privileged to have a team of subject matter experts who possess the knowledge to handle the most challenging and complex patient records, research questionnaires and pharmaceutical patents, as well as clinical trial protocols.

All our linguists are professionally trained and have earned a vast experience in the fields of chemistry, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Besides the accuracy that is usually needed when offering professional medical translation services, translators are also supposed to be up to date with the new technology and the trends that have kept on emerging in this sector. All the medical translators that we are privileged to work with are always upgrading their skills with new information and also possess an entire comprehension of applicable regulatory laws.

We have managed to expand our services with time, and at the moment we can confidently offer the following as part of our medical translation services; translation of clinical trial documentation like the Case Report Forms, Informed Consent Forms, Patient-reported outcomes questionnaires, study protocols, and pharmacovigilance reports. We also translate general medical documents that pertain to any medical domain such as cardiology, oncology, radiology, dentistry, and others.

Our medical translation services also cover summary of product characteristics, patient information leaflets, labeling and packaging materials as well as safety sheets.

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