Spanish translator in Washington DC

Many companies in DC promise to translate your English documents into Spanish. Before selecting a translator check for the following attributes:

Native Speaker

A translator should speak a minimum of two languages, in this case, Spanish and English. Spanish should be your mother tongue. A native speaker compared to someone who learned it as a second language, knows more about the language. Native speakers know which words to use to set a particular tone, and words to use in different occasions.


Our Spanish translators are passionate about language and translation. It's not just another job to help pay the bills. It's a genuine love for the job. Every time we help clients connect with their global audience, it brings as much joy as it brings them. Translation breaks barriers and boundaries, and we are proud to be part of the process.

Professional Qualifications

Being able to speak more than two languages does not automatically qualify one as a translator. Fluency is also relative. Being able to express yourself in a language, does not mean that you can do the same for others. To become a translator, you must undergo education and training. Our Spanish translators also undergo rigorous testing; we only select the best.

Subject Specialist

Apart from mastery of at least two languages, a translator should also have mastery of one or more subjects. Clients come from all fields including law, technology, science, medicine, marketing, finance and public sector. Our translators have in-depth knowledge and comprehension in the specific areas they translate. It may not be necessary to have a LLB in law, but you must understand the basics and how it is applied in different parts of the world.


Apart from qualification, translators need a couple of years' experience under their belts. The best translators are those with 3-5 years' experience. If yours is a complex technical document, ensure the translators have sufficient expertise in the field. Also, select companies that have been in business for a lengthy time as their experience will pay off for their clients. Those who are starting out may not have sufficient knowledge yet.


Translation is not your typical 8-5 job. You are lucky to finish at 5 pm; most clients will send in work with urgent deadlines. You sometimes have to work through the night and holidays to complete the work in time. A good translator is willing to make personal sacrifices to be able to satisfy the client. Translators should also be able to prioritize work, starting with the most important ones.


A good translator has an excellent reputation. Go through their websites and see what other clients have to say. Verify that the glowing reviews are written by actual people. Most translators will list the companies that they have worked for; big names are an indication of quality work. You can also ask to see examples of works they have translated. Another reliable indicator of consistent quality is ISO certifications.

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