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Spanish translators in Seattle

Translation services are not just about changing text from one language to another. It is about trusting someone else with your company's secrets and reputation. It is hoping that they will relay your communique, brand, and vision. In a market flooded by translators, how do you then know which one to work with, attributes to look out for include:

Experience and expertise

An excellent translator brings two major features to the table. Knowledge of language and knowledge of the industry. If you are fluent in Spanish and English and can translate from one to the other, you are also required to have knowledge of at least one subject area. Topics to choose from include law, finance, medicine, business, computing, and marketing. Having a law background, for instance, makes you a natural choice for customers seeking translation of legal documents from English to Spanish.   Knowledge of industry is as important as knowledge of the language.

Being fluent in the language does not qualify one as a translator. Having experience in the translation field is an added advantage. Translation companies conduct rigorous training and testing to select the best translators, who may not have experience but demonstrate potential. Experienced translators ensure you get the work done accurately and quickly the first time.

Customer service

Translators should be friendly and willing to listen to the client. Before embarking on the translation ensure you understand what exactly the customer would like done. Offer suggestions on how best to carry out the translation. Be available throughout to ensure that the client is taken care of every step of the way. Respond to their queries and if they have urgent requests, ensure you deliver within the shortest time possible.

Certified translators

Legal and government documents need to be certified when they are translated. Birth certificates, visas, passports, death certificates, contracts, witness statements, and leases must be certified. A translator should undertake the necessary training to be able to certify for his clients.

Affordable rates

Most customers will use price as a selection criterion. Have affordable prices and offer discounts to bulk customers. Returning customers should also get discounts. We offer incentives to clients who refer customers to us. Customers get a no obligation quote. Compare what others companies are charging and ensure your prices remain competitive without compromising on quality.


Translators should be trustworthy and keep the client's data secure. Medical, financial and legal documents are private data and should not be leaked to other parties. Sign non-disclosure agreements with customers to assure them of data privacy. Secure your servers, computers and telecommunication channels to minimize chances of hacking.


Once our customers have made a request, we give them a delivery estimate of when we will complete the translation. We adhere to this deadline and if possible deliver earlier. For clients with an urgent request, we strive to deliver within the stipulated time.


We ensure documents translated are of high quality. Provide 100 % accuracy and we double check out work through our very own Quality Control (QC) system. We localize content to match the culture and dialect of the target audience. We are backed by the industry’s highest certification of the ISO 17100.